"Delusional And Murderous!"

Just got off the phone with our Future Theater co-top-kick Bill Birnes... 

It regards a story found below by Richard Smith about John Ford's upcoming hearing to see justice done in a Suffolk County courtroom as it is officiated by Republicans and psychopaths, but I repeat myself.  The hearing is now passed... a decision yet to be made.  

There is no good news.  There is no news, reader, beyond news of a bogus prosecution evolving to tragic persecution for John Ford and the threatening insult even to the reader of this report.  Such appears to be so. 

The Suffolk County prosecution rather predictably argued that Ford must remain in confinement.  See, and I cut to the chase, if they throw up their hands now they could end up owing John Ford a rail car of folding money.  They HAVE to double down! 

It is the rationale putting your heart in your throat, reader...  See, as it is "clear" that, "Resolved: The Long Island UFO Network is a terrorist and a murderous organization" and the County of Suffolk in New York, a hotbed of UFO activity for many years, is not best served by releasing the one time leader of LIUFON, "a dangerous man because he is delusional and a delusional man because he," wait for it... "...because he believes in UFOs..." you know, like a HOST of quality individuals all over the world!  The reader included, if I may guess.

See, there were hundreds of members in LIUFON, and millions of persons believing in UFOs!  Logic dictates that we are the same kind of dangerous!  You and I reader, Bill Birnes, Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan, Robert Hastings, Frank Feschino, Bruce Maccabee, Edgar Mitchell, John Podesta, (I know I'm getting tedious but I want to make a point) Paul Kimball, Lesley Keen, Bill Chalker, Billy Cox, Jerry Cohen, Richard Haines, Race Hobbs, Bernard Haisch, Jesse Marcel X 3, Whitley and Ann Strieber, Angel Espino, Guy Weddle, Adam Gorightly, Nancy Birnes... and, and, and... on and on and on... the list doesn't stop for months... all must be delusionally murderous!

John Ford has been wronged, is wronged presently, and will continue to be wronged for the foreseeable future, a victim, in my opinion, of the criminal malfeasance of malfeasant criminals.  Seventeen years, reader!  It has been seventeen years in the life of a man with the flimsiest of flimsy cases fallaciously hung around his neck like an unjust albatross!  

Ford is a man imprisoned to rot in an authoritarian hell because of pipe-dream accusations!  This is a result of a fatuous case wholly indistinct and foundationally filmy... and justified by nothing in a personal history extant ...before, during and, coming up on two decades later, to date!  ...Outrageously wrong on every level!

Restore John Ford, now... that WE be restored.    

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...The Mundane Evidentiary... 

Betrayal's a coinage that shall not be spent except where it's misspent against common sense, and I have discovered while out of that "box"—and as quick as a hare even fast as a FOX—the soul of confusion's at work with a passion! Confusion's the rule, or I'm just [gas passin'].

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John Ford's Court Hearing For Wednesday, April 16!!!

John Ford's Court Hearing for Wednesday, April 16

by Richard Smith

I spoke with John Ford today. He is in high spirits about his court date coming up next week, Wednesday, April 16, in Suffolk County. This is a definite thing and Andrea Risoli, his defense attorney, is ready with both barrels loaded as to the outcome of this long awaited hearing.

This hearing will be of the kind that decides whether or not John Ford should will be labelled a dangerous person.

Scenario #1: If John Ford is labelled as dangerous, he will be incarcerated for another two years at that botched, inept and half-assed facility known as the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center, where he has already been illegally and illegitimately held for the last 17 years. Should the hostile and corrupt elements of Suffolk County prevail and risk pushing for this scenario, John Ford will have Andrea Risoli initiate a writ of habeas corpus and force the whole thing into a large scale court trial that would put Suffolk County officials at a point of no return, leaving them in a position of total public embarrassment and humiliation with regard to the type of UFO and scandalous conspiratorial information that would be exposed at such a trial.

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Some go beyond all limits in transgression, I assert. Opposed to same, this "service" paid by "lip": See, "letters" drooling poison make a heinous circulation, and we make ourselves the less to honor this!

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Unsettling Info On Missing Malaysian Jumbo Jet?

The following links seem to provide unsettling and highly strange facts surrounding the missing Malaysian Jumbo Jet... at the moment that it disappeared! 











Alexandra Bruce
March 9, 2014

By now, everybody has heard about how two passengers using European passports, stolen from tourists in Thailand suggest that the greatest likelihood for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China and was that these two people using these stolen passports were suicide bombers. - See more at:



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