...First You Have To Look!

...Explaining lack of *comment* on these explicative ravings? I understand completely, but declare: I'll let the reader read the work refined from honest observation, and be content to publish what I'd dare.
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The ostensibly "serious" and "respected" learned...

UFOs In Particular 
 by Alfred Lehmberg 
(From UFOM Vol 24 #5)

The ostensibly "serious" and "respected" learned of our torrid and anxious community decries the "carnival atmosphere" of studies "paranormal" in general and UFOs in particular.  These persons aforementioned—self-assured that they are at the cutting edge of reasonable entelechy— (1) bemoan the tolerated huckster. They (2) lament the lack of qualified peer review.  They (3) weep regarding the "provoked disinterest of mainstream science."  Finally, (4) they rather toothlessly bewail the incorrigibly inconsistent and even damaging protocols employed by suspicious "amateurs" in the field.  How dare they?
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...Wants To Know...


...Science is a blessing where one really follows data, and one cops to "implication's" larger views. If you know a trust for persons who will tell you what they saw (?) though they, still and all, have quite a bit to lose?

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Extraordinary Evidence For Extraordinary Claims?

The Crop Circle As Intelligence Inseminating Agent?
Extraordinary Evidence For Extraordinary Claims?

Suzanne Taylor's What On Earth: Inside The Crop Circle Mystery
By Alfred Lehmberg
Submitted for the approval of ones needlessly impacted and alternatively spastic cognitive colon: Occam's razor is errantly used to adhere, preferentially, to the "most prosaic" hypothesis as the default one. Bold heresy leavened with bald anti-science! I understand and commiserate.
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Pure Sedition And Inordinate Time -- Part II

Pure Sedition And Inordinate Time
Part II of II
Provoking the aforementioned sedition (I'm an American; it's what we do), I try to go out early every morning there's a clear sky and spend time looking up, out, and into deep space. I've amassed hundreds of hours in the past several years peering into our sky, and I've seen the damnedest things, good reader, already spoken about last time.
I see these things, I expect, because I try not to presuppose or pronounce on what I'm seeing as others do from both sides of the aisle.  I don't self-hypnotize as does—for example—the current default klasskurtxian and reflex media skepti-puppy Robert Sheaffer, to wit: resolved, all these sightings must have, exclusively, prosaic explanations.  Too, I don't know that there are flying saucers, as Sheaffer knows that they are not, forgetting it's what I suspect.
Remains, my suspicions are not remotely the issue. The fact that, among more significant others, I'm seeing an unexplained ... —"something"—..., reader, decidedly is.
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