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Dear Lesley,

Would be thrilled if you would include the below comments on your blog, just
please leave out my last name, thanks.

As a reader of UFO Magazine, I immensely enjoyed the article on Emma Woods,
it is the kind of in depth journalism that is lacking in the competition. A
very compelling piece! My hat off to Bill Birnes for putting the story out
there. If experts in the industry have a problem with the article, I would
be delighted to see Bill do an article with them "on the record".

I also enjoyed the piece entitled, JD Salinger and the Spy, it was a fun
piece to read and I was amazed to learn that Salinger used to be an
Intelligence Officer as I have always thought of him as an eccentric
writer...just goes to show you that the general media at large just
regurgitates the Salinger image of an "odd ball" whereas in the magazine
article, he came across as a much more complex and interesting character. I
would love to see a piece written by the same writer on his views regarding
UFO's and the governments cover-up and misinformation campaign. It would be
great to get an insiders view point.

Keep up the great work,


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The Fourth Kind Article

Dear Miss Yurdozu,
   I really enjoyed your recent article in UFO magazine about "The Fourth Kind" movie. I saw the movie in the theatres, and it was even more intense than the DVD can convey. One thing I especially remember is the audience's reaction at the end: dead silence! Then a few people laughed, but these were nervous chuckles as if to break the tension. I was definitely moved by the movie and thought it to be in the same vein as the "Communion" movie in style. It was very well done if you ask me. I like your comparison to demonic possession to the channeling of the abuductees by extraterrestrials. I never thought of that connection until your article, and I have seen the movie several times as I own it on DVD .It is a very interesting and sound theory. Other groups you could have included were the theosophical movement, and the Vril and Thule societies that were active in Germany in the early 20th century.They also contacted extraterrestrials through mediums like Madame Blavatsky, Maria Orsitsch and others. Thank you again for a great article and please get an interview with that elusive director.I'd love to read it. Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work.
                            Dustin Haner

it's this serious

first the derr115 (youtube contributor name is slightly diff from my aol name here ) youtube link, it shows what is in the univ of wisconsin at madison webcam video, now seen in youtube of the so-called fireball, review the video from univ of wisconsin at youtube first and then see my analysis here  :
 usa midwest fireball recorded on camera Incident april 2010
now the background facts or comments i have been putting in comments section at youtube on various videos showing the meteor-ufo-fireball event :   my research work proves this is a massive ufo the size of an aircraft carrier, my video is in youtube that reviews the madison wisconsin university images which oddly are being censored and youtube is being told not to show that video...odd eh for a meteor view to be censored so you cannot see the truth ? eh ? Derr  USAF Veteran....
 my work proves its a massive ufo size of aircraft carrier, my video files are in youtube.search word is derr ufo or  derr115 . one of my videos reviews madison wisc univ images which oddly, are  being censored. youtube is being told not to show that video of the view of madison wisconsin from some college rooftop ? odd eh ? meteor view censored ? is it a meteor or something else they do not want you to learn about ? you cannot see the truth ? Derr // UFO Researcher since 1991 
USAF Veteran

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Relative Motions of movable and stable objects in space time


My name is Roland E. Wiench which mainly do research in Electric Vehicle
Systems.   I have come up with a theory on how unknown objects can seem to
move by a observer on the surface of the earth, but do not move relative to

Lets say a observer sees a object that seems to be stable or not moving, but
it is moving with the spinning of the earth which is rotating making the
object seen like it moving.

To see this ideal motion, a observer would had to be standing looking south.
The earth is rotation from west to east at about 1000 mph at the equator.  A
stable object would look likes it is moving from east to west while the
earth is moving.

To do this movement independent of the earth gravity force, the object will
have to be a advance craft with a anti-gravity system.

Now is the observer had a system that can track and record the speed of the
object while facing south, the indication would be not 1000 mph but about
66,500 - 1000 = 65,500 mph.

The 66,500 mph is the speed that the earth is moving around the sun in the
west direction.  You then will have to subtract the spinning motion of the
earth to get 65,500 mph.

So a advance craft with a anti-gravity system would look like it is going
65,500 mph in the eastern direction relative to the earth.

Now if the anti-gravity field is pulse off and on, if would look like it is
stopping and going by the observer, but what is really happing, is that the
craft is pull by the gravity of the earth during the stop and then the earth
is moving under the craft during the going.

You see reports of Zig-Zagging of a craft,  this is logical the result of
the craft turn off the anti-gravity where the earth pulls it along in one
line of motion.  Then if it turn off and at the same time it uses some
energy to move north or south in relation to the west to east motion of the
earth, this will look like a zig-zag or may be any angle from from 1 to 89

I suggest that the UFO Hunters have cameras set up in all areas of the world
where this activity occurs.  Also, go back and analyzed all the existing
films for any of these motions.

If any of these object speeds come in the range of about 65,000 mph, then I
would say, these objects are not of this world.

Another motion effect that could change relative speed of these objects, is
the speed of our sun orbit around the galaxy.  The speed of the sun I think
is a 125,000 mph.  Now it will depend what month of the year where this will
either have a additive effect or 125,000 + 65,500  or it could be a
subtractive effect or 125,000 - 65,500.

But it could that a craft that is this advance, will be able to move space
time which will make it look like it disappears.

Roland E. Wiench

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Critics Who Leave Out UFOs


The way I see it, critics write about the extraordinary visions and contacts of the early-day Mormon prophet Joseph Smith (1805-1844) and then  tend to describe the brilliant object in the clear blue sky that Joseph said he saw and that descended and lit tree branches and then landed in the clearing (near Palmyra, New York, possibly March 26, 1820.  Clearly, this was a landed UFO and the two brilliant personages who appeared to young Joseph were of the Lord (as they made clear to Joseph).  During September 1830, a friend of Joseph's named Parley P. Pratt (a Mormon missionary) said he was walking along a dirt round in early-day America and saw a brilliant light in the sky and then saw a long red bar or needle that changed shapes so as to form three distinct geometrical shapes.  So this was also a UFO.  

In May of 1940, another Mormon missionary named Udo Wartena said he saw an object in the sky near Townsend, Montana.  The object descended, put out a staircase, Udo went aboard, talked for two hours to two humanoids who said they were 600 to 900 years old, knew 500 languages, had visited Earth before, made surveys,had pure white hair, showed Udo how the craft operated, and then let Udo leave the vehicle.  Another Mormon named Kenneth Larson (this writer) saw a bright object in the evening sky that made a 90-degree sharp turn and then flew at high speed to south over Puget Sound, Seattle, Washington, circa July 4, 1947.  

The basic problem is that literary critics and writers tend to describe Joseph Smith's contacts in sneering or dismissive tones----but do not know enough concerning the decades-long sightings of the UFOs from around the world after 1947 (and even back to ancient times).  The two are related in some way, and this would prove the Book of Mormon gold plates and the events concerning Mesoamerica, etc.  My own research extends back to my first published book with drawings circa January 1960 in Los Angeles, California, and back to Seattle in 1947.  So one has to do the homework so as to better understand the big picture.   This is where the problem is----critics and writers who leave out the phenomenon of the UFOs whereas UFOS may represent the root or first cause and may have helped create, weigh, design, measure, and construct our world and the universe. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Genesis 1:1).   As Job in the Bible asked---where were you when God created and measured and designed our world?  Clearly, the coming of the UFOs will represent an extraordinary event when understood or made clear to humanity just who they are and why they came and appeared over nations of the world for centuries of time. 

Kenneth Larson

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