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Parley Pratt Experience

Letters to the Editor
UFO Magazine

Dear Editor:

I would like to describe a striking sighting described in the new 2009 book by Matthew B. Brown called EXPLORING THE CONNECTION BETWEEN MORMONS AND MASONS (Covenant Communications, P.O Box 416, American Fork, Utah 84003).  According to Brown, Parley  P. Pratt was a 19th century Mormon missionary who happened to be walking along a road in the evening with a clear sky and stars shining above.  This was in September, 1830.  He happened to look up and saw a brilliant light shining above the brightness of the sun. Parley said he saw a long chain of red light that proceeded over several minutes to form through exact movements three distinct geometrical shapes before fading away.  He attributed the vision to the Lord and those "known only to the wise."   Orson Pratt, a brother of Parley, wrote in his journals that Mormon prophet Joseph Smith went out into a wooded glen near his farm home near Palmyra, New York, during the early spring of 1820.  While praying in the daytime,young 14-year-old Joseph said he looked up and saw a brilliant light in the clear blue sky that grew in magnitude and then descended and lit in brilliant color the surrounding tree branches and landed on the ground.  Two brilliant personage appeared and said they were of the Lord and that young Joseph had been chosen to bring new truths of a divine nature to struggling humanity.

Yours very truly,

Kenneth Larson´╗┐

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