Ohio Sighting

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Date: 10/13/2010

Time: 15:47

Sighting City: Green Sighting State: OH

Sighting Zip: 44685

Sighting County: Summit

170 Witnesses: 2

Shape: Triangle

Number of Craft: one

Description: My husband and I were in our back yard taking photos of the sky. We had a number of twin rotor helicopters fly over our home, about 6-7 times in an hour so we were just outside watching. The last helicopter flew over at approximately 15:01 according to the time stamp on the cell phone video I took of it. It was a nice day so we decided to stay outside in the yard. We are near CAK and so there is a lot of jet traffic in our area all the time and we are used to it...however on this day there was much more air traffic than normal. My husband noted that some of the jets were moving unusually fast and although they should have been in ear shot, were making no noise that we could hear from the ground. I began snapping photos of those jets and their contrails. Upon review of the photos on my digital camera I noticed a dark spot in one of them. Thinking it was just a piece of dirt on the LCD screen I scrolled to the next photo, and when I did the spot disappeared. I went back to the previous photo and the spot was there again, at this time I took the memory card out and put it in my lap top so that I could zoom in. I fully expected the spot to be a bird or falling leaf, however it was neither of these things. My husband and I know for a fact that at the time we took the photo there was no helicopter in the area and the closest jet was the one in the far distance of the photo. I tried to debunk the spot, but I can find no plausible explanation for what I captured on the photo. To me, it appears a dull gray metallic object, triangular or boomerang shaped, with a dark blue or black dome. I'm not sure why we did not see this object with our naked eyes...the only explanation I can give for that is that we were both focused on the jet in the distance and were talking to each other about it and the possibility that it was spraying chemtrails. I'm really at a loss to explain what the object is and why it is there. The fact that there was helicopter activity in the area leading up to the sighting makes me wonder if it may possibly be secret military craft, or something else. I'd just like to have some kind of an explanation for what it is.

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Eyewitness sighting outside Silver Creek New York

On the last weekend Jan 2006 Just outside Silver Creek NY, Saturday night approx. 10:34 I was driving my car and noticed that it was a clear night sky, and the stars were out over Lake Erie. When all of a sudden my sight registered a star hanging low over Lake Erie. It startled me because stars do no not hang low over the Lake, just as trees were coming up to block my vision' of what I was seeing for a split second, I thought I saw it move towards the South shore of the Lake. As I continued down the grade, I had concerns as I bottomed out. I was totally shocked at what came into my sight. I new what I was looking at was not of this World approx,50 to 100 ft, off shore and approx, the same height above the water hung a craft motionless' and silent' off white in color, the best description that I can give is to picture a starfish with 4 legs rather than 5. The surface appeared to be made of a glass looking block with perfect seams, it glowed consistently. It truly frightened me and I would like to know if anyone has viewed any thing like this. I have been cautious too tell this story for many reasons.

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UFO in Spain

Good Afternoon

I live in the Alpujarras mountains in Spain and this morning I took a selection of photos of the sun rise / cloud formation at approx 07.30 - 07.45hrs. I am not a photography but my thought is take enough photos and one may come out good.

Please take a look at the enclosed photos, I did see anything strange at the time of taking this I have enclosed the next photo in line too, I look forward to your thoughts and comments.   

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UFO Sighting

  My name is Harry Amos , I have an interesting account to relate. First I’ll give a little back on myself to substantiate, and add credibility to my story. I have been a Deputy Sheriff for the past 28 years and still am.  I also am a private pilot so I’m failure with aero dynamic principals and various aircraft characteristics.


 Another interest I have is exploration of the California, Arizona  and New Mexico Deserts. Seeking out Flora, Fauna and things of Anthropological significance.   one of our treks took us to an area North of Death Valley, on the Nevada border. This area is rich in wild life and old mines. Access to this area is via a road that connects the Owens , Saline and Erica valley  and terminates in Death Valley.   


 The area we decided to camp was at the end of a mining trail that branched off to the North of the main road into the higher terrain. That evening, my Wife and I set up camp and settled down for the night, scanning the sky’s  looking for meteors or anything note worthy. My gaze settled slightly South of center when I saw something quite remarkable, which I will attempt to describe. I saw two brilliant flashes  with straight fingers of light extending from a central point, one just after the other. Just after the second flash a spiracle luminescent object appeared, remained stationary for a moment and then sped off to the East at an incredible speed and out of sight. My guess is the this phenomenon occurred close to or just above the atmosphere, I say this because slight atmospheric distortion.


 I asked my Wife if she saw what I saw, to which see basically described the above. We discussed what we saw, speculating as to what it was. I get the intuitive feeling that what we witnessed was the opening   of some sort of portal , something entering our space, maybe I’ve been watching too many UFO documentaries .


 It might be interesting to reenact and to investigate the above event in the exact location it transpired, perhaps this mystery might be solved or occur again.


 Anyone interested in additional information regarding this event, feel free to contact me at the following.

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Black Triangle

From Argentina, Buenos Aires, Magdalena 2009. A triangle in the sky?
Sorry my english is very limited.
Thank you

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