My name is Tom, I live in Florida near the Ocala forest, and I would like to report a sighting I experienced around 81-83, not sure of exact year.

This is only way I could see to report a sighting, so sorry if this is the wrong way. I and two friends were sitting up on the hill at the nearby country store, it was at night, when we heard a deep rumbling sound. We moved down the hill to the highway, the sound was coming from the south. We saw a rectangular object with lights moving around its middle, every other section of the lights being lighted at a time, in a clockwise direction, kind of like you see on the sci-fi saucers. It was completely rectangular like a door, except the corners were kind of rounded slightly.

The lighted area or strip ran around the entire object, even the corners.

The underneath of the object was dark and kind of swooped into the center, like it was hollow. There was no sign of propulsion, no flames or obvious form of propulsion.

The object stopped above the trees by the highway and rotated as on an axis at its center, it rotated in a clockwise manner, it did this several times.

It was very low, just above the trees. It stayed above us for several minutes, almost as if it were checking us out, we saw no lights or beam or anything like that shining in our direction tho. It made this very deep rumbling sound the entire time.

After these few minutes it stopped rotating and started moving off, with one of the short sides forward, like it had come in. It moved slowly north across the highway, still just above the trees untill we could no longer see it and the rumbling trailed off.

A few minutes later three jets came thru from the south in same northerly direction the object had went.

A few minutes later we saw the object that we had thought had left rise up from the trees north of us. This startled us, for we had thought it had left. It then moved off to the south, slowly gaining speed, then the rumbling grew deafening and it shot off with streaks of light and was gone in an instant.

A few minutes later three jets came streaking from the north in the same southerly direction the object had shot off to.

I asked one of the two people who had been with me about this years later and he had no memory of this incident, his memory was not very reliable tho, heh. The other friend had moved away so I dont know if he would have recalled this incident.

I will never forget it, it was so unusual it is still fresh in my mind after all these years. Just thought I would throw that your way, I watch your show on the history channel all the time. This is the first time I have ever reported this, tho it is a favorite true story to tell my friends and family.

Keep up the good work,


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PERU MotherShip is back!!!! -/The Video link BY Proyecto UFO Piura/ NOV. 1, 2008 LATEST SIGHTING!!!


Dear friends,

Kind greetings from every member of Proyecto UFO Piura Extraterrestrial Contact Teamin Piura, PERU.

Here is the link to our latestUFO video on YOUTUBE. The footage shows some images from our recent camp on November 1, 2008.
We invite you to see itand enjoy it.

While we were walking on our way to our usual camping spot -desert between Piura and Paita- we suddenly noticed TWO STRANGE LIGHT OBJECTS in the afternoon sunset sky. Then when the UFOs seemed to get closer to the camera, we couldcatch them, specially the larger one.

We thank you very much for your kind attention!!!

Prof. Josué Gonzáles

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Orbs at Obama Victory Rally

These photos were taken at Obama's victory rally in Chicago and forwarded to me. Clearly, many in spirit were celebrating too.

Best wishes,


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Mount Rainer Photo

Hi, This is a photo over Mount Rainier in august of 08'

Brent Budd

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UFO Sighting in Colorado

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to share a UFO sighting with pictures.
San Luis Valley Colorado 5 miles south of San Luis Colorado September 18, 2008
We were installing a 10-5 foot totem pole carving of Mother Mary. At about 11:00 amI saw a UFO to the north, sitting about a 1/2 mile off the ground, and about a 1/2 mile away. It was oval and silver the sun was shinning off of it. I look for about 10 seconds and then look down to put down the hose with running water. When I looked back it was gone. No where in site. I commented to the other 6 people there I had just seen a UFO.
The day before I was thinking about the Crop Circle Makers in England and sent out a thought they were welcome to come watch us put up the Statue, never thinking they would show up.
Two days later I was putting the following picture into Photoshop and happened to notice a dot I hadn't seen before. When I enlarged the picture this is what I found. This is the same object I saw earlier. This picture was taken later after the installation, my guess is around 1 or 2 pm.

Here's the original picture. The UFO is on your right of the statue about 1 inch off the horizon.
Susan Sanderford

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