Phantom Airplane Sighting


I recently viewed your website and would like to share my experience with you. Circa 1997. A beautiful early summer afternoon in western Ohio. I was driving my car and turned onto the entrance ramp for a 4 lane divided highway. I was headed south.

I looked to my left and saw a large airplane sitting still in the northbound lanes of the roadway. The airplane had 2 propeller engines, all white in color with a orange stripe running the length of the aircraft. I have heard of airplanes making emergency landings on roads many times and thought this was one of those situations.

I stopped the car and watched and waited for the local police to arrive. Several minutes passed. There was no activity in or around the airplane. The police did not arrive as I had expected. What was even more odd is that there was absolutely no other vehicles on a highway that is normally a very busy streach of road. I continued to watch.

I took note of the details of the aircraft. I knew it was old, but not sure how old. Oh, how I wish I had a camera that day. I decided to continue on to my destination about 1 mile further down the road. I finished my business and drove north toward where I had seen the airplane and expected the police to be there to direct traffic away from the blocked highway. The airplane was not there!

How could this be possible? It was there 15 minutes ago. So now I'm freaking out wondering what the heck just happened. The airplane could not have taken off because of the overpass bridge directly in front of it. And if it did so, why would the pilot make a emergency landing? Nothing is making sense to me. Later that day I searched the internet to find a picture.

I found a picture of a airplane with the same paint job and nearly fainted. It was a Douglas DC 3 built in the 1930's-40's. Used for passengers and cargo. The military also used it. Thousands were built. The wingspan is 95 feet and length is 64 feet. This airplane  revolutionized air travel because of its ability to fly coast to coast non stop. Could this have been some sort of time warp? Can anyone offer an explanation of what I had witnessed? Today I still wonder why and how this happened and will never forget.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Sincerely, Mike.

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UFO Sighting!!! 10/12/2009

I want to tell you of a UFO Sighting that I had on 10/12/2009 @ about 01:40am in Hollywood, Ca. I came outside unable to sleep to water the back lawn when I reached down to pickup the water hose and when I came back up from a stooping position I noticed right above me no more than 50-70ft looking to the north towrds Los felis area I saw what I can only describe has a flying snake or better description a vertibrae because that's exactly what it looked like was the back bone or vertibrae of a snake... The object was also turning clockwise in motion, and was self luminated from with in the object it's self, a blueish white hue surrounded the object. The object appeared to be quite long maybe 7"ft or larger the other thing I found very interesting was that it was moving very slowly in a forward motion while turning clockwise, and made absolutely no noise... I was shocked and amazed, and I said outloud what the HELL is that??? After 10-15 seconds of observing this object I noticed that the object had paused and was no-longer moving forward, but was still in a clockwise motion... I then dropped the water hose, and darted in to the house to my desk to grab my camera I could not have been inside for more than 10 seconds, and when I came back outside the object had climbed in a vertical assent strait up from where I left the object to maybe 2000-3000ft. I raised my camera to the object and attempted to get some photo's. I think I snapped 3-5 pictures in the direction of the object, but I could not be sure because I could still see the object through the naked eye, but through the camera either through the view finder or the small LCD screen the object was not visible. I even turned the LCD off to see I could aquire the object through the view finder with no success. I then proceeded to call the LAPD non emergency number, and I spoke to an officer and described what I had observered. The officer on the phone offered to dispatch a helicopter to the area and I informed him that I could no-longer see the object, but go ahead and do so... I waited to see if he had sent a chopper out to the area but there was no fly by's... This was not the only time I have seen strange objects in the sky there was another incident that took place 2-3 months prior late at night 11:30-12:00midnight that involved 3 white orbs flying In a not so perfect triangle formation like so:   •

The front object was alittle distended from the 2 objects in the rear, but dead center, and I was able to see the stars through the 3  objects has it passed over. The altitude may have been 3000-5000ft and from my vantage point in measurement could have been between 10'-12' inches in length and 6'inches in width at the rear. All 3 objects were of the same color brightness and size. This object also traveled at a very slow rate of speed so slow infact that I was able to observe these objects for more that 15 minutes. The objects also made absolutly no noise. I even purposely stopped breathing for a few seconds on and off to see if I could hear anything, and I could not... The objects flew in from the north to south direction and did not deviate from that. Has I said I observed the objects for more than 15 mins. I wanted to go inside my appartment to get my camera but I was afraid I would lose sight of the objects so I just stood in my back patio and watched these objects fly directly overhead... I offten would see low luminated orbs at very low altitudes, and very fast speeds late at night fly by my place. I have also seen ojects while sky watching come from no-where travel a short distance and disapear. I had 1 such object do that while I was on the phone with the department of water and power because of a power outtage. I stepped outside and was just looking to the western sky and this object came from no-where got very bright also seemed to be desending because it got larger and brighter I even began to describe what I was seeing to the lady on the phone from DWP. She was taken back by what I was telling her, and she mentioned to me that she believes we are not alone. Has I continued my conversation with her the object appeared to revers it's self back the same direction and then disapeared... To be perfectly honest I have seen strange objects all of my life, and only in the last 20-25yrs have I began to piece together and make some sort of sence of it all. I know for a fact that we have and continue to be visited and engaged by extraterrestrials, and that our own government has actively tried to hide, mis-inform, and mis-direct the media and the public at large from partisapation in these very facts. I offten wonder if the media has been involved in the disinformation, and the truth embargo that our military/gov has  been trying to conseal for the last 60-70yrs??  Thats about it for now Sincerely, Kevin Roy.

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Kentucky Sighting and Photos

These photos were taken by a girl in her late 20's to early 30's in Eastern Kentucky who would like to remain anonymous. They were given to me in the fall of 2008 where I put them away in drawer not knowing what to do with them. She took these photos using a regular camera that she carried around in her purse.  The first photo was taken off to the side of the object, the second photo was taken underneath the object as it passed over then flew away. This girl isn't capable of using Photoshop or any other photo altering program because she is mentally slow. Her family's not the type of people to do something like that either. 

I have done my share of UFO research over the years and personally, I believe these photos to real and that they need to be shared with the world. 

If at all possible, I would appreciate any feedback to what you think it is in these photos.

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Sighting in India


 i dont know much about u guys or why i am doing this,,, but i had a experience wit my friends in india,,, i am in chennai,, south india ,, my friends and i along wit hundreds of ppl witnessed weird lights in the sky,, they were movin around as if they were playin,,, i dont  have a explanation for them but the stars could not be seen in the sky right on top of us,, cause it was pitch dark ,, say 1000 ft from the ground,,, indian news channels didnt cover it,, but it came on some local magazines,, but didnt get attention,, not many ppl took it seriously,,,it happened 17 -12 - 2009... i dont know whom to talk abt tis,, as a engineer i dont have any explanation for this kinda phenomenon that occured,,, i am starting to believe about ufo s .... the lights were red and they keep moving around and pulsating,,, but couldnt figure out the reason they had to move because when they started moving it disappeared instantly and we could all see the stars,,,

pls dont contact me,,,

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what is this?

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