UFO Hunters and the Numb3rs Program

You may allready be aware of this but I thought I would send it along anyway. Last night (Friday) I caught a program on TV (CBS) called “Numbers”. (The program I will be referencing was titled, “Paranormal Murders”, 3 minute clip:  )
Ordinarily I would turn it off but the promo said something about UFOs and I wanted to see how they treated the subject.  I had just finished watching UFO Hunters, Area 52 so that was fresh in my mind.  As Numbers unfolded I thought I was watching Area 52 again!
Numbers begins with a group of UFO investigators arriving at “Goathart” a weapons testing facility run by the Army whose signage looks identical to Dugway.  As they are watching for anything of “high strangeness” the leader makes a comment that they are at the “new Area 51” and later says something about a “ghost plane”.  They see a bright flash of light which is followed by a beam of light resembling lightning which blows up decoys in the field. Of course a living human woman gets in the way and there is our story.  As the plot unfolds the viewer is taken to a hangar where we meet a retired Chief of Security who looks uncannily similar to Bush Bob (name right?) also retired Dugway Chief of Security.  Later in the program a van with several people is blown up and the image looks like the demolished van with barriers at that Pat and Kevin saw when they were on the south side of Dugway.  It turns out that the dead woman was a “contractor liaison” who greatly resembled the PR woman at Dugway. The gist was that they were making a weapon at Goathart that fired a beam that resembled lightning.  Before the beam discharged there was a flash of light at the ground.
Does any of this sound familiar?
Goathart                                                    Dugway
Blonde contractor liaison                           blonde PR woman
Flash of light                                        lash of light like arc welder
Plasma bean weapon looks like lightning  Beam, smell of ozone
Chief of security          (could be twins)            Chief of Security
New Area 51                                                      New Area 51
Ghost plane                                                        Ghost plane
Blown up van                                                     Blown up van
How does this happen? Does some one on your program work for CBS?
This simply cannot be a coincidence.

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Comment from Jess Marcel Jr. on Nazi Bell show

I received this a while back, but I didn't want to post it until I was sure that I had permission from Mr. Marcel and he was on vacation:

I just saw the program on the Nazi Bell. One picture showed the bell with symbols written around the base. It appears the symbols were identical to the ones I saw on the Roswell Debris in 1947. Jess Marcel Jr.

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Facebook Find

I found this on facebook last night and totally forgot who it was that posted it, a camera man from the show maybe?  Hopefully he won't mind that I stole it.  I believe it is the celebration of wrapping season 3.

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Pat's Photos from Dugway

Click to enlarge

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Another Vortex

Concerning the vortex theory, the map at the History channel is not showing Kauai. I lived there for nine years. During that time, I had many encounters. Everyone I know there that has spent any time outdoors (most people) will have a story to tell about a UFO, or many.

With witnesses, I've seen a light pink UFO at, and a cluster of UFO's acting something like birds during the day. Alone, I've seen an extremely bright light casting rays of light through the ironwood trees, and even a being of yellow light with dark eyes, face to face at 3 in the morning. Both of those incidences happened shortly after the Hurricane Iniki in 1992.

Many people there will tell you that Kauai is what is left of Lemuria. Anyone that has spent time there will tell you how special it is, and that is most certainly a vortex. Worth investigating....

Kind regards,

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