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"UFO Hunters" probe 1997 Phoenix Lights

Crews from the show ``UFO Hunters" are in the Valley to investigate the strange lights in the Phoenix sky more than a decade ago.

Bill Burns hosts the show, which airs every Wednesday night on the History Channel.

``Nobody has ever really come to the conclusion of what it was," Burns said. ``We can't say it was extraterrestrial, we can't say it's inter-dimensional, we can't say it's a time ship."

Burns and his crew wants to hear from anyone who saw the ``Phoenix lights" in the north Valley sky on March 13, 1997. Thousands of people reported seeing a triangular formation of lights and a separate series of stationary lights.

``Was it ours, was it THEIRS, or was it flares?"

Those are the three questions Burns wants answered.

``You can only speculate that it's from another world unless the people from the other world actually pop up and say, `live and prosper,'" he said.

``So for any witnesses, even if you've spoken to the press before, spoken to TV before, spoken to anybody, we'd love to hear your story."

Besides the Phoenix lights, stories of other unidentified flying objects are welcome.

Burns' crew travels all over the country to hear people tell of ``close encounters."

``In some cases, we've been inundated," he said. ``I know in Texas last year, we actually had scores of people turn up."

Burns and his crew will be at the Holiday Inn Express near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Friday to talk with those who have stories about the Phoenix lights or other UFOs.


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A/C Bill Burns e friends of the UFO HUNTERS

Of you love the program, the level of technical
investigations is very high.
I'd like you to reopen the case of ET Varginha, a
of the biggest events ever recorded in Brazil,
in the 90s, in which three women were the press
make public what they saw.
Several programs in Brazil, including Discovery
Channel, the U.S. came to make a documentary about the
event at the time, and the Discovery
was possibly the only TV station that could
go behind the lieutenant or sergeant responsible for the capture
ET, and he gave the following version (and slanderous
covert) to the researchers: "Well, what
people saw at the time, was actually a couple
deficient dwarfs. "
Besides the three women who witnessed the creature
cornered to a wall as they went, other people also
have reported that they saw a ship moving in
low altitude just before the event. And there's more:
on this ship that exploded in Varginha, Minas Gerais-
Brazil, the firefighters have been fired but later denied,
one of the soldiers who was involved in the search for creature
was shot without an explanation of the Army
plausible for the population and the wife of a soldier.
The lawyer Ubirajara even wrote a book
endorsing everything that happened was
undeniable irrefutável.Algum time later, mysteriously,
he came into contradiction.
Journalist Goulart de Andrade (who I think is no longer
acting on TV) came to do an investigative
on occasion, and gathered important evidence.
The coroner who examined the (s) creature (s) of the UFO
Badan Palhares was controversial, the same coroner
that was reported on TV in Brazil for having forged a
expert report regarding the murder (not yet
clarified) Treasurer Farias, who was part of
government of Fernando Collor. Ie, the coroner
is not a trustable guy.

The staff at the Hospital of Varginha received
instructions at the time to be silent. The case gained much
notoriety in the press, causing repercussions
world. (but as always, an organization of powerful
gave that little way to divert attention, to underestimate the
intelligence of the audience, eager for explanations.
It's always so stupid and the media help, casting doubts
something that actually happened and still happens, making
discredit us something obvious.
Another suggestion of mine:
do you redeem the intriguing story involving the
expedition of Admiral Richard Bird to the North Pole in
1945 when he saw flying saucers coming out of
polar regions and moving into a world interior.Isto
was documented and won support from the child's
Admiral (said to have committed suicide). But we know
that did not happen, of course.
Here in Brazil we have an authority on this subject, a
researcher, writer named Dr.Ernesto Bono. (It does
lectures and exhibits his thesis according to what he calls
THE GREAT CONSPIRACY UNIVERSAL, and know everything about
Underground Civilizations and UFOs. (He defends the tb
theory that the Earth is Hollow, based on several studies
and thanks to two satellite photos taken in the 70
showing a huge black hole in the middle surface
white ice).
The explanations that NASA has been full of
For centuries many people insisted on
reality of the hollow Earth theory. A satellite photo of
1968 paralyzed this research.
In 1970, the press released pictures taken from the North Pole
satellites showing the North Pole covered
known cloud layer, the other showing the same
zone without clouds, revealing a huge hole, where it should
be the Polo. These photos contributed one of
more sensational and controversial history celebrated
of UFO's. In 1970 Ray Palmer reproduced the pictures of
satellites along with an article in which he showed that
the hole in the picture was real. For too long, Ray
Palmer and other ufologists believed that the Earth was
hollow, and that the UFO would be a civilization of beings
above that is hidden inside
unexplored. With photo showing the huge hole Polo
North, Palmer assured that the underground super-race
existed and could probably reach it through
the holes in the North and South Poles, with the support of Flying
Saucers apoioaram his theory resurrecting another old
controversy over the Hollow Earth.
Byrd said in 1956 before he died that the earth beyond
Polo was an enchanted continent in the sky, land
mystery with a strange shape at the poles, especially
in the North.
How should your knowledge, and forecasters
Navy work together in Antarctica and there is very
mystery there.
This theory began with John Clevers Symmes, born in
City of New Jersey, USA in 1780. It was based on
migration of birds to the north, height inexplicable.
Believed that these animals were attracted to the source of
warm ocean currents and a sun in the existing
Earth's interior, of which the northern lights were the

In early 1970, the Administration of the Office of Science
and Environment (ESSA), which belongs to the Department of
U.S. Trade, released to the press
Photos from the North Pole taken by the ESSA-7 satellite in
November 23, 1968. One of the photographs showed the
North Pole covered by known cloud layer, the
another, showing the same area without clouds, revealing a
huge hole where it should be the Pole.

The ESSA was far from suspecting that his photos
routine atmospheric recognition would help
and awakening of the most sensational and controversial
celebrated the history of UFOs. In the June
1970 Flying Saucers magazine, the editor and UFO researcher Ray
Palmer reproduced photos from the satellite ESSA-7 with
an article in which he declared that the hole in the picture was
real. For a long time, Ray Palmer and other ufologists
believed that the earth was hollow, and that the UFO would be
a civilization of superior beings that is hidden in
Inside unexplored.

In 1970, thanks to support from a photograph in which
appeared the huge hole in the North Pole, Palmer might
ensure that the underground super-race existed and
could probably reach it through the holes
North and South poles The following numbers of Flying
Saucers support their theory resurrecting another old
controversy about the Hollow Earth: the famous expeditions
Vice Admiral Richard E. Byrd to the North and South poles
Source (s):
The Diary of Richard Byrd
The most intriguing secrets of R. Byrd was forced to
not disclose, prevented by the U.S. government would
known years after his death occurring in 1958. He
wrote his memories in a diary that was found and
published in 1992 and it reads as follows:

March 11, 1947 - "I have just attended a meeting
the Pentagon. Reported that fully discovered and
Message he brought to the rulers of the World
Pool. All is duly recorded. The President of
U.S. was warned. I was detained for several hours (six hours
and thirty-nine minutes to be exact). I was
thoroughly interrogated by Security Forces
Maximum and a medical team. It was an ordeal!
I am placed under strict surveillance by the Office of
Security and told to remain silent
about everything figured out. And reminded me that I am
a military and that I must obey the orders. "

December 30, 1956 - "The last few years that have passed
since 1947 were not good ... I now my last
entry in this singular diary. In closing, I must declare
who have faithfully kept the matter secret, as
directed all these years. It was completely against
my moral principles, but now I seem to sense
the long night coming on and this secret will not die
me, but it should be with all that is true,
should it succeed. He may be the only hope
for the Human Species. I saw the truth and she quickened the
my mind and set me free! Done my duty to
the monstrous military industrial complex. Now the long night
begins to appear but will not be an end. When the long
Arctic night ends, the brilliant sunshine of Truth
again ... and those of darkness will fall with its
Luz .. Yeah I saw the earth beyond the Pole, that
Center of the Great Unknown. "

April 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFERNANDO

Bill Birner, I'm a brazilian guy and I do not speak inglish very well, but I'm very interested in UFOs and I see this week a video made in Russia, the Kremlin, where a triangular object was filmed.
Seeing this as you think this video can contribute to the UFO world and what your opinion on this issue?
here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGsUnC9hXmI&feature=player_embedded

From a fan of their programs on the History Channel and the world of ufology.

August 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCurious

I AM a Fire-Fighter/EMT, i have witnessed some unexplainable air craft do unfathomable feats. i don't have one tooth, i dont live in a trailor, (not that there's anything wrong with that) and i don't use drugs. My passion was Fire-Fighting but UFO'S have dwarfed that in one thought, consider my thoughts as facts and the decision is easy. My eye witnessed accounts are exquisite and i have other witnesses as well. I wish to work with Bill burnes of UFO HUNTER'S because i want to make sense of what i saw those many a nights. at the very least be with like minded individuals. contact me at samals9@aol.com or better to contact me would be my cell, 360-349-9723.

July 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSean Andrew McGrath


August 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCharles price

There is no one that can tell me we have not been visited by UFOs and USOs, I have seen them and even been inside their crafts, and know more about who they are and where they came from, but on many subjects I cannot go into too much, I can tell you many things about them according to the Bible and I wish people would listen to me but, it seems they just don't want to hear about things they don't understand!!!

August 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDavid E. Barth Sr.

I am curious about a book I read in the 60's about a tibetian monk who actually saw UFO's stored underneath the POTALA. (incidentally ) isn't that sanctuary a direct corrolation to a very important STAR. The monk wrote several books but hard to find now. Everytime I watch ANCIENT ALIENS. I CAN HELP BUT REMEMBER THIS BOOK. The Doctor from LAsha. By. Tuesday Lopsag Rompa. Please let me know.. Glow

September 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGlo cor

hey Bill,
How do I contact you with a story (short but true) about a UFO while in the military?

October 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDoug

Hello, i saw a UFO in this Hollywood movie (U.S. Marshals 1998) with famous
actors like: Robert Downey Jr., Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Joe
Pantoliano, Tom Wood. In the video, you can see the UFO flying very fast
above of the helicopter and others flashing white lights. I think that
nobody saw that one...
I put the video in a link to this magazine.


December 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

dear mr.burns on july 16th of this year in cleveland ohio i saw a ufo up close in downtown cleveland at aprox 12:15 am while at work. it scared the hell out of me and it still does i was vrey shaken by the whole thing but i tell you for sure sir they are real i just hope they dont attack us but they are here for a reason.

December 7, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterhatchetter

I am not looking for exposure! I think
Someone should look into what I'm going
Tell you. This morning April 3 I
Watched a white blue almost tubular shape
Like a Pringles chip can not tumbling like
It would have if not under control enter
The atmosphere on fire blue white fire streamed behind it
I took down exact time and coordinates
If interested please respond to this email
Thank you bill Sincerely truthfully yours

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