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Digging Ditches Wednesday Nights on History

I am always amazed at how people in our UFO community jump to conclusions without any background investigation. Actually, it's eerie how that happens, because you think that UFO investigation would involve one skill: investigation. Yet, folks in the nonfield of ufology get away with some of the most incredible leaps based upon nothing but personal opinion. But even personal opinion can be very revealing, as in the recent comments by Frank Warren.

For openers, I didn't know there was a ufology dress code. Most UFO people dress in a variety of ways for their presentations at conferences and on television. For example, you can usually find Stan Friedman in his blue blazer and tie. Rich Dolan prefers a sport jacket and tie, while MUFON investigators usually dress for the weather.What does Frank Warren wear as he sits at his computer opining away about the wardrobe of others? Is he deshabille or a plate from a Ralph Lauren catalog?

On UFO Hunters, to settle this question once and for all, the network usually calls the shots on what we're supposed to wear based on the jobs we do. Pat, for example, is really "action Pat," rappelling down cave walls, scaling steep hills, and being lowered into to wells (see next week's Aurora Airship Mystery episode). Ted is "Dr. T from MIT," the preppie casual physicist cum MBA who is at a perpetual loss to explain phenomena that defy what he and photo analyst Terrence Masson say should and shouldn't be in videos.

Then there's myself, Bill. Actually it's Dr. Bill because I have two doctorates, but at age 64, who's counting? The network calls the shots for me, too. And the outfit is jeans because we do go out into the muck and mire of crash sites, an outdoorsy shirt for either hot or cold weather, usually from LL Bean or Cabelas, a good pair of hiking shoes, and either my leather flight jacket or the Navy pea jacket that the network fell in love with four years ago when I wore it in a UFO Files filmed on a very chilly and windy day on the beach at Playa del Rey. And as for the UFO Magazine hat, it's UFO Magazine, as in the originator of the show. What is Frank not getting?

Perhaps someone can suggest a proper outfit for slogging through overflowing streams in Rendlesham forest or for picking through a muddy draw in Kelso, Washington while an irate neighbor defending rusty sixty-year-old wreckage on a land he doesn't own fires a weapon over our heads. Is there an outfit for scrambling through the Mexican desert with a Mexican army patrol, 50 cals at the ready, hot on our heels? Or what does the fashion-conscious UFO Hunter wear while hiding amidst stalks of corn on a hundred-degree day while questioning a Mexican police intelligence official in fear of his life for revealing UFO secrets? Scouring the Roswell crash site? Lurking just on the outskirts of Area 51? Digging in the drainage ditch at Kecksburg?

That's right, we were ditch diggers in our UFO crashes episode, and in our Aurora episode, and in our Roswell episode, and in our Cash/Landrum episode. How does one dress for digging ditches? I checked with the folks at J. Crew about this, where I usually shop when I'm not digging ditches in Texas or New Mexico, and they had no suggestions except to stay away from khaki chinos because they really show the mud. So it's back to LL Bean and Cabelas for me. Pat prefers his REI. And Ted, although we haven't spoken about it, seems to be an Old Navy meets Gap.

But who am I to dictate the fashion predilections of the UFO Hunters? Each of us is an army of one, wielding pickaxes, sledge hammers, shovels, GPSes, magnetometers, inclinometers, iPhones, and Blackberries, heigh-hoing off to work in the woods where dig we must because in UFOs we trust.

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Great response Dr. Bill. Frank Warren's vitriol was entirely unwarrented. Spelling and pun intended. I could be wrong but I seem to detect a little jealosy maybe. Hmmm?

November 12, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJim

Some people dress for impact to capture the attention of the audience. Tie would be the last thing I would wear.

When I am in the field I dress for comfort. Always in some form of long trousers and always Steel Capped boots.
Less risks when your on your own the better. Good wide brimmed hat water some food are essential. Less material you carry the better.

Always have a escape route, never totally rely on a Compass, use tape markers in dense areas and above all have no fear.

If you fear what is out there do not go.

Do not take anybody just for company. Remember loose mouths sink ships.

I have been in areas where something tells you it is not right, get out and do not look back. Pack up and just go.

Clothes mean nothing it is what you catch on the Camera and Video then you have to find someone genuine to discuus it with and they are a rare breed.

Just as a matter of interest, Our Alien friends are more interested in the Camera or video. You could be in the Buff for all they notice.

November 13, 2008 | Unregistered Commenteraussiegrail

And to the point just made, when we were in Phoenix when the temperature was breaking 110, folks told us that we should always wear jeans and not shorts because your legs are cooler under jeans than they are exposed to the sun. If blue jeans won the west, then there's a reason for it.

November 13, 2008 | Registered CommenterBill Birnes

Hi Bill,

Did you see this entry by me on this?
UFO Hunters: "Ditch Diggers?"

You wrote:

I am always amazed at how people in our UFO community jump to conclusions without any background investigation. Actually, it's eerie how that happens, because you think that UFO investigation would involve one skill: investigation

That happens a lot, unfortunately. Well put, made me laugh.

November 13, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterRegan Lee

Investigation, personally me, I stand back and study the area or be it GOOGLE EARTH maps.

Collect my gear and work the perimeter first with Camera and video.

In my case there are no physical signs of my current and I might say only project. Personally I wish I had never started it but you just cannot let go.

I can only see their UFO on GOOGLE EARTH (I had sent a email to the UFO HUNTERS with no reply to date)

I would have thought that a ubeaut dis abled UFO and the included photo and initial report would have had a 747 heading my way by now.

Yes got the auto reply and make sure you watch season two. Any thing I hate in this world is auto replies.

I have completed my groudwork and moved into stage two

Part of my investigation now is studying the sky. Have a look around and see if you can sight a cloud that looks like a face laying on its side
Also look for anything that is Wedge shape, it may be a cloud or a blue Wedge shape surrounded by Cloud. It is a WEDGE shaped Ufo and if you are lucky you will see its Alien head and I jest not.

Part of the investigation process is also to confer with others experts in the field. Tried that no replies. I will not put their names here but there are some top organisations and people.

So that takes you back to yourself and you plod on. You collect collate and all those things until you emass a heap of genuine stuff nobody wants
because the truth scares them or self interests take over.

Look I dont mind telling you I have enough video and photos to make ten episodes of UFO HUNTERS with up close and personal Aliens and I even have two photos in seperate locations of the "Roswell" type.

Why we are scared of these people amaze me, like it or not they are are all around us and are part of the Climate Change actually a big part.

Possibly a side track but still part of the investigation for that next step the Scientist.

Think about it thousands of Red Hot UFOS arriving forming clouds which in themselves disappear after a short time. These UFOs drift with the currents and yes I have video to indicate this.

Gradually warming the atsmosphere. Yes it is happening.

Now the Scientist well some are busy in that Tunnel blasting atoms etc.
At the time of bashing those atoms or whatever together, what happened, their system blew up, there was UFO activity in the area and I sent them photos of what they realy released in their atom bash. Guess what caused their crash. They are lucky the whole place did not blow up.

Do we really think those Scientist will take any notice.?

Again no reply, Investigation, point is they do not want to know.

If I told you I have a two thirds outline of a UFO above my place that looks very similiar to the Space Shuttle. hmmmmm. Always wondered why
they picked that shape but I could be wrong.

Investigation I followed protocol and tried to alert the Aussie Government
no replies. Okay then I thought the American Government would be interested. Photos location written material pencil drawings I supplied per the Embassey in Canberra . They even signed for the second lot.

Dr Bill I do not have two tickets to my name I am like most ordinary people put in a position I suspect of trust by my Alien friends. It is obviouse to me that what I am being allowed to video and photo they are letting me.

It is also obvious that they are trying a contact with symbols and in particular the letter "S" that is right a letter "S"

As part of my investigation I have been in and out of the field for over 7 months now, just plodding long. at times hoping someone would reply to help me. Yes on my own wondering if today I will be taken for a ride by my friends out there.

I have recently stopped going out as a new batch has arrived and if you see a video frame full of different alien shapes you would know what I mean. Like i mean this lot move in close to the point of 50% video static.

Bill the difference between my Investigation and all others is I am experiencing it as I go. The difference really is actual instead of perhaps it has?.
I am in the actual happening bracket.

I would have loved the benefit of Field Operatives experince but that really seems to be a closed shop of sorts. They could have been recording
what I was seeing through the lenses

Yes Bill Investigation it is a loners job then what do we do with it all.
Give it to someone else so they can get the credit. Bury it all in the backyard. Destroy it. Have it stolen, (gees god help them if they open this material and I mean that Bill, God help them)

Investigation, I average about 4 hours sleep a night with occasional bursts of 7 hours.

I study photos, frames of videos, I can tell you who belongs to what.
I know who is there and who has left.

I study other persons photos on the net and see what they do not see.

Investigation Bill yep it is a loners job

Investigation. I think Bill that when I am finished my personal investigation I more than likely will gather up all the material. Camera Video Disk, drives Zips and Computer including the Monitor as I know what is in the Monitor. Take it all out there and bury the lot at the UFO site.

You will probably think I am crazy but I will have a last look through the Camera lense atthe Sentry alien who is always there .

Bury the lot where he is, tell him thanks for allowing me into their world and drive out for the last time.

I know you think this is a ubeaut yarn but that is the problem with UFO Investigation.

I have no doubts there are hundreds of people out there with similiar knowledge that I have but will not come forward.

Let me finish this with just one little bit of my Investigation.
I worked in a cyclone area out here and I always wondered what causes the intensity. At the time Hurricane IKE was building rapidly. Quite clearly within the Satellite photos (Vapor) are UFOs and Alien faces.

I downloaded and printed these to confirm what I was seeing. They did not go away.

In short the intensity of the storm on what I have seen depends on the UFO activity.

Yes as part of my Investigation I sent these off as well.
Guess what no replies.

Investigation Bill. I would hope that the new President enters the WHITE House with open eyes and sorts the secrecy out.

Investigations like mine with the actual proof will just disappear. What a waste when they are already walking with us.


November 14, 2008 | Unregistered Commenteraussiegrail

This post was a true eye opener. I wish I had never seen it.

For it revealed that dressing the UFO Hunters goes beyond practical necessity, comfort or personal preferences and entails much more than meets the eye. Instead it appears that all considerations are ultimately subservient to and must comport with a predetermined, corporate-dictated image.

Blaming “the network” may halt the unwarranted personal attacks and settle an utterly inconsequential ufology dress code issue, but it raises a far more troubling question for the UFO Hunters - how much of this investigation-based program is real and how much is role-playing? “Action Pat” and “Dr. Bill” are one thing, but what reality is there with “Dr. T. from MIT” whose role as preppie physicist is to be “at a perpetual loss”? A scientist honest broker preordained to be perplexed has lost the essential element of credibility. For me, hoping to see a fact-based assessment of the UFO phenomenon, you just annihilated the entire series with your own words.

Sad, because it looked like some productive changes had taken root in season 2 of the UFO Hunters. Do I just chalk that up to clever image management as well?

I sincerely hope that I have simply misinterpreted what you wrote.

November 14, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTyler Kokjohn

Tyler indeed misinterpreted the intent of my post, which was to respond humorously to another post criticizing the show because the UFO Hunters' outfits somehow were denigrating UFO research in general because the team was dressing down in jeans and t-shirts. In fact, Pat is comfortable with what he's wearing, as is Ted. So am I.

Like any television show, however, which is confined to a limited visual space on a screen, individuals appearing in that space have to differentiate themselves visually. It has nothing to do with UFOs or investigations.

And, in fact, we do pursue separate paths on the show to do research. Pat, with his Army experience, does go out into the field and collects evidence that requires some degree of arduous activity, like rock climbing. Ted would love to find a piece of what he calls "Unknownium," the smoking-gun element that proves once and for all that something has been here that can't be identified in a lab test. We haven't found that yet. And I handle many of the witnesses and the history, trying to find a common ground in the many disparate stories about an event. This was at the center of our Kokomo/Heartland episode.

And as for the investigations themselves, we take them quite seriously. In next Wednesday's episode, although many may disagree with our individual conclusions, the conclusions are based on real research into the history of Aurora and Stephenville, Texas, real field work, real lab work, and real archeological research.

In the Cash/Landrum episode, we were very serious in trying to find answers for Colby Landrum, who has been looking for the truth behind what happened to him, to his grandmother, and to Betty Cash for 28 years. And, as you will see, we brought him face to face with the Army investigator who originally said that no Army helicopters were flying that night.

But Tyler's being offended notwithstanding, he did have one good suggestion that UFO Magazine will try. He suggested that the magazine do follow-ups on UFO Hunters episodes with information that never made it onto the show for whatever reason. In an upcoming issue, I'm doing a section on Kecksburg, part of our "Crashes" episode, which will air next year. We found another witness, want to do more follow-up with Stan Gordon, James Carrion, and Leslie Kean, and want to see if one claim of a passing truck driver that night can be geographically established.

We may also follow up with information with the 2008 Needles crash as well. There's a big mystery surrounding the entire Lake Mojave area.

So, thanks for the suggestion, and sorry my post led itself to that kind of misinterpretation.

November 14, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterBill Birnes

Thank you for this quick clarification. I stand corrected and better informed.

I hope you will accept my apologies for any upset created by my misinterpretation.

Awaiting the next episode and delighted to see more information will be published. Guess I will have to subscribe now.

Thank you again.

November 14, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTyler Kokjohn

If you are going to succeed in anything you have to be honest and upfront.
Trouble with me is I am too honest and do not bend to crazy theories.

People must understand that they are not coming. They are here now, right now in every city hamlet whatever. They are even in those safe spots all those people are building in the middle of no where.

They have been for centuries, digital is bringing them to life for the ordinary person.

Me, with my exposure out there amongst these people I can see them in most photos. Also on some TV channels. They absolutely love Graphics
and revel in Wallpapers. Trust me I now only run a Blue screen on the Desk Top thats why earlier I referred to taking the Monitor out as well.
Already done this once.
Something else I will tell you now and I have this confimed on video and extracted photos from those Videos,

The UFO you see is only part two of its journey, the third part is when it despaches mini Ufos. In some photos i think even in this UfoMag photos
you will see a dark line ufo shape, similiar to a blur. Normally on a angle, it seems to be hundreds of Yards away. Its not its normally under three yards from you.

Normally it retains this size from the time it may leave a cloud till it arrives at its destination.

The angle indicates it is going to ground or just leaving, When landing it will rest on a leaf, post whatever from which usually emerges a Face . Thats all this type is face only.

This particular Ufo is from the WEDGE type and combines with the letter "S" I have one set of extracted photos which clearly shows its body to be of a Centipede shape it has a small "s" on its side and gives you a quick glance as it passes. By quick glance I mean its alien pilot.

Dependent on the angle it enters the camera, sorry in camera you will get only one shot at it. In video running at 25 frames approx a second if it is going across the screen you will get two shots only usually.

The shots I captured of its shape and face was when it did a u turn and another flypast. It is not me they are looking at they adore cameras and videos.

Bill not having a go at you mate but I am at all those experts and Organisations that I have tried to contact, most with photos. I think really they have to give Roswell a miss and catch up with the present.

Let the Roswell people look after Roswell they seem to be doing a good job

Like I said I could hop in my car, mount the Video on the bonnet, drive slowly through my area and I do not have to get off the road and in one 25 minute disk they would have material plus ads for a full season.

Actually after my last episode out there I wont be getting out of the car on the next run if I do another run

November 14, 2008 | Unregistered Commenteraussiegrail

Greetings Bill, et al,

My apologies for coming late to the party, as I wasn't aware of your missive until a few minutes ago.

That said, let me first "put my comments back into context"; to clarify "I came to no conclusions"; I wrote a review of the second season of "UFO Hunters" where in fact I acknowledged what I see as "an improvement" from the first season"; and "of course it’s my opinion"; however, it certainly isn’t without substance.

That review can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/67oe8w

The comment regarding the attire of yourself and your compadres (while on the show) was made off the cuff, and quite frankly an "afterthought" as I concluded the piece; like I explained to Regan in my rejoinder to her (she was the first to take notice of my criticism of dress) I was/am slightly amused for the attention, as I wrote:

"One thing that remains this season, which some may accuse me of being too cavil, is the slipshod appearance of the investigators; Ufology in general has an 'uphill battle' in regards to being taken seriously, not only with mainstream science, but the media and public in general. 'Blue jeans, tee shirts and ball caps' are what a ditch digger 'appropriately' wears to work, not an investigative team whose hallmark claims to be 'scientific, analytical research' to uncover the mysteries of the UFO phenomenon."

Regan wrote a rejoinder (found here: http://tinyurl.com/6s7zxx) not unlike that of yours Bill, focusing on the one paragraph concerning my dislike of the wardrobe choices, and like her, you took my comments out of context. Consequently, my reply to her is appropriate here as well:

". . . in regards to the comments I made pertaining to the attire of the stars of UFO Hunters, and that the realization would come to fruition so quickly. Notwithstanding, and to be clear, their dress is 'low on the totem pole' in respect to the issues I have with the show. Moreover, in contrast to last year, 'I do' see improvement, and I view that as a good thing!"

I wrote further:

:. . . I never said the stars of the show look like 'slobs.' Nor do I feel that 'ditch diggers' dress like 'slobs,' or that dressing in blue jeans, a tee shirt and a ball cap is the dress of a 'slob.' My point is that when you herald yourself, as an investigative team who employs, scientific, analytical methodologies, this doesn’t conjure the image of 'Joe The Plumber,' or 'Danny The Ditch Digger,' nor should it."

". . . Moreover, no one expects them to tromp through the 'back forty' in their Brunori's."

For those interested, "all of my comments" to Regan’s piece (which apply here) can be found at her blog, as listed above.

Re to "my attire," as I stated on Regan’s blog:

"I would no more wear my suit and tie into the ditch, then I would wear my tee shirt and ball cap into a business meeting. Additionally, I’m in my forth decade of UFO research, and I approach the vocation in the same manner I do business, with professionalism in conduct and appearance; I take it very seriously and am vigilant in how I present it and myself, and am mindful of how it is presented in general and or by others; hence my frequent criticism of the media overall."

Finally, Bill, as I sit at my computer opining away, I am wearing my "sweats and a hoody!"

Frank Warren

November 21, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterFrank Warren

Frank's point well taken. As I said above, I took Frank's comments about the dress code of our team as a chance for some humor. As anyone who saw last Wednesday's episode about Aurora can see, Pat was appropriately dressed for the hot and humid Texas summer and particularly well dressed for his voyage into the old well. Ted, as folks could see, despite the Texas steam bath, looked as if he'd just dropped in from Martha's Vineyard for an afternoon of grave searching.

And as I try to complete the manuscript for my forthcoming criminology textbook on Mass Murder/Suicide, I am slovenly, ravioli and beet stained, unshaven, and wearing my favorite Unabomber hoodie.

With respects to Frank, his years of work, his continuing pursuit of knowledge, our joint pursuit of humor, and to the memory of the late Mr. Blackwell, Rich Dolan still gets my vote as the best-dressed UFO researcher.

November 21, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterBill Birnes


I have been videotaping a lot of UFOs above Calgary, Canada in near infrared during daylight, Dr. Bill. I became curious about the UFO phenomena a few months ago, then decided to crack that "UFO blurry issue".

It didn't take long with application of the right set of visual algorithms.

I submitted this information to your evidence@theufohunter.com, but your show's email box (unsurprisingly) is constantly full. Gotta get a secretary on that problem!

Anyhoo....I have posted the UFO videos, plus subsequent detail enhancements (I'm far better than the preppy scientist on your show at detail enhancement...) on Youtube and much better quality videos on the MUFON website for Calgary.

Here are the some of the video links:





Anyways, if you folks are into producing a good show, I have a lot of material, and collect more almost every day for 1 hour after work, using a very simple near infrared webcam/23X sporting telescope setup, some very advanced astronomy software, and patience.


November 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJame

Why would anyone care or complain about what you wear on the UFO Hunters? You wear what is comfortable and practical. You dress just fine. Your investigating and reporting. The show is called UFO Hunters, not Americas Top Model.

February 9, 2009 | Registered Commenterearthman

dr.Bill g show which raises a lot of q's if have any spare moments here is my ph 3306473871 T.Y.

April 3, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterj.

Bill,you rock. Don't change anything. Not the look, not the style, not the verve and enthousiasm. Great teachers are always great entertainers.
And good luck with the next season of UFO Hunters. Merci!

July 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterFrançois
i live in Lincoln California its a smaller town im 18 yrs old and i am a
sceptc so this should mean a Lil more to you i drive past what seems to be
an abandon air force sub station and i thought nothing of it till about 16
months ago when i was driven by and noticed 5 black Chevy tahoes pull into
it now im not saying they where doing anything that has to do with UFOs but
i have noticed that since i saw that there has been a rise in military air
traffic from near by beal AFB the abandon base has antanes sticking out of
the ground they closely resemble harp and seem out a place because they look
new i have tried to find information on this "AFB" but have been
unsuccessful when i asked an airmen what it was i was quickly silenced so it
made me wander so i started asking around town and alot of people including
myself have seen things that just dont make sense i thought it was just my
eyes playing with me until i heard story's from others saying they have seen
weird lights and what seem too be low shooting stars that never seem too
touch down anywhere there is also an airport near by "within 2 miles" and
alot of people just say it must have been from there but i think otherwise i
believe there is something going on here whether it be alien related or not
but i figured i would shoot you an e-mail you can deiced for yourself if its
worth looking into. FYI Lincoln also has varies no fly zones which i find
odd considering we have our own air port and are min. from sac international
September 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermark
Hello Dr Birnes
I've enjoyed the show as I appreciate the science behind the investigations. My wife had a sighting while we lived in Kona, Hawaii in 1999. There were strange occurrences surrounding the orb sighting and when govt vans were combing the field the next day, that's when I started an investigation, I tried the internet and found that Dick Algire, a reporter for a Hawaii TV news station had a similar sighting.I tried to contact him and within 3 days, all references to his sighting were removed from the internet! I later found out that he is head of the Hawaii Remote Viewing Guild. Last winter, I contacted him again and he responded saying that he was out of the country and would contact me on his return about this. I never heard from him again. I think this is worthy of investigation. There is more...
September 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTerry N
Take a close look at the intruder tape from Nellis AFB that was said to have been removed from the private contracters security videos. Look at the footage completly and zoom if possible. When you do this keep in mind this is not a object changing shape as so many have stated. Instead what you are really looking at is a 3 D image on a 2 D screen. so just keep in mind what you are really looking at is a object from different viewing points. At the start of the tape you will be viewing the top and side. At the end of the video you will be looking at the bottom of the ufo pointing away from the camara. Pay close attention to what looks like two orbs one larger and one smaller. Foccus on the smaller one and then what appears to be a dark object under it. You may see what appears to be a outline of a person . It will help if you can zoom to see the outline better. When the object turns on its side you will see a large orb to the left a small orb on the right and a flat plattform under both.When you have looked at the areas I have noted find the picture painted with two objects in the sky with a large orb, A person sitting under the orb on a plattform wich comes to a point. Behind this object you will see five or six painted lines comming out of the back to a point. Then compare the two. See if you see the same thing I see. Im not going to tell you what I have seen but if you really do compare the two you will know what I am talking about right away. If anyone reading this reviews the the Nellis AFB footage and finds the Painting wich they show every Anciant Allians episode. You wont be disapointed. I know what I have written is vaige. its just enough info to get you started. If you see it please e-mail me and let me know what you think you have seen and then I will tell what I think I have seen. Belive me you wont be waisting your time..... Please no nasty responces. Skeptic and ufologists please review and responed. Happy hunting or debunking.
January 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDave
To find the Paintings listed in the blog about the Nellis intruder. You can view this on Anciant Alians episode the visaters 1 hour and 11 minutes into the episode right after Bill Birnes speaks.

To view the Nellis video you can get it from the web or the show Unexplained Mysteries episode UFO Best Evidence. Starting at 37 minutes into the show. If you are unable to zoom this is the best way to view this UFO becuse they do it for you.

If you see it Blog and I will post my e-mail adress so you can tell me if you see it to...... Its worth the look.
January 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDave
Hey Bill- long time fan just watched the vid on the discussion Corso jr.-really mind blowing- wondering if you`ve seen the latest article when chinese rep. met with Obama part of their talk was about releasing knowledge on about admiting to ufo`s are known and been so for some time -article was released in chinese press-and their worried that Obama will get center stage on the such exposure and chinese want it first-whats your thoughts?
January 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChris

When early Native Americans first saw the arrival of people on ships coming from across the sea they were blown away by the technologies exhibited, firearms, ships, even the horse which was not native to North America. And the explorers themselves had found a "new world". The Ocean had been the barrier. Now we have new ships. Spaceshuttles, Rockets. But we are like the Native Americans now being "blown away" and in awe of or brothers who have come to us from so far away in their ships. Humans as intelligent as we are didn't believe or have knowledge in microorganisms not that long ago. Even the automobile is a relatively new invention. Would God have created all those other planets and solar systems for nothing? Or if you believe in evolution and are a atheist with all that real estate out there why would you not believe that life evolved on a similar planet. Space is the new ocean. The next barrier. But how convenient that science has already proven that space is like a cloth that can be folded. Meaning that long distances, with the right technology can be made short. The typical grey alien still looks much like a human. Two eyes, two hands, bipedal.Just as Africans look different than Asians, and Asians look different than Caucasians so to our brothers from other planets look different from us. Some may in fact look similar to humans. Space is like an ocean, the other inhabited worlds are like other continents. With all the evidence presented by credible people like Bill Birnes. Eye witnesses like the Governor of Arizona if the UFO question were a murder trial someone would have been hanged years ago. It is more likely in fact, and more plausible that "they" exist than not. A lot of people just don't want to believe. To reality bending. To disturbing that we are not the smartest, or brightest after all we invented the car. But then again it's emissions are helping to destroy our own planet. So maybe that wasn't a good example;) We are bred to follow. Our system needs it. We need people to serve our food, mow our lawns, and babysit our children. Thus, even with all the evidence, some presented by Belgium government, most people will simply not believe, even when seen with their own eyes they will doubt themselves, they could sit down and have lunch with a alien grey and not believe in their existence until "Daddy" our current President tells them it was and is real.

September 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBobby Killough

Wow I just went to post a bunch of things about me and my encounter as a child that I feel enlightened me with answers as an adult and hit the back button and all was lost, I hope I get to meet you and discuss this another time, I know there are many quacks out there and in 10 mins if not less you will know I am the real deal, I long to be a voice in the UFO world and if given 10 mins with any well known Ufoligist I will in no doubt get my wish, here is the catch though, the Knowledge that I possess about the UFO phenomenon will never be allowed to be spoken publicly in the USA because it is too much on target and I will ultimately pay with my life for speaking out! I have been watching you and Danikin for awhile now and get so frustrated because yall are so close to figuring out this phenomenon and this is where I come in if you will help me, I have pondered for the truth since the age 18 and now I'm 36, needless to say; my conclusions didn't come over night! Sry but this is the only way I found to contact you! Please do not take me lightly and do not dismiss me until you at lest give me 10 mins of your time, I will pay for my expenses to meet with you anywhere I need to, Trust me when I tell you this Bill, if danikin heard me there is no doubt that he would take me under his wing, here is my #318-953-2053 if you don't want to meet me please help me and give me ways to get involved with someone who can (I claim to be able to Clear up the entire UFO Phenomenon)

February 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMichael Chad Goleman

What I would like to do is an experiment on the so called alien implants that are small metals that alien abducties have that have been removed. I would like to have one implanted in me and to be under complete observation to see if I would be abducted and possibly proving that aliens are real. My theory is that the metal with the human body tissue turns the device into a tracking device and sends a signal so that person can be found and it may also transmits information from that individual to an unknown source.

August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRichie

At a later date I may post my UP-CLOSE (20' away) UFO encounter in 1968 while off duty from flying classified/secrete Radar Recon Missions (if anyone is interested). I'm trying to see if other USAF crew members or AEW&C flight crews had UFO encounters.

While that was not my first nor my last encounter, it certainly was my closest encounter. For 45+ years I have been trying to figure out how they could go from a standing still position to 25,000 mph in under a second. I want that technology. I also have several theories about my encounter and about what other people report they have seen. Don

Bill I dont know if you read this or not, but I'm hoping you do.... I've tried to get ahold of you, but given who you are it's been rather difficult.... I need to discuss some things with you regarding important information you need to hear... and also a place you need to look into. I will not discuss the details over the internet, but if you do read this e-mail me and we can set something up.

January 10, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAustin B

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