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The Orange Orb: UFO Hunter's 'Dark Presence' Episode and a Dream About Wolves and the Inky Black Woods

Watching this episode of UFO Hunters ("Dark Presence") about the orange orb UFOs seen in recent months was an intensely personal experience for me because of my own orange orb sighting.

It seems that witnesses have been seeing orange (and sometimes green or other colored) orb UFOs. These are not orbs as in spirit orbs, which are very different, but spheres -- round objects -- that are craft, or machine, or something "nuts and bolts."

These sightings are occurring now, but go back a ways as well. One woman who appeared on the program, her identity disguised, saw one of these orbs when she was a child. My own sighting took place over twenty-five years ago in Eugene, Oregon.

There are many parallels to my orange orb sighting -- and the sighting that started me on my path of exploration into UFOs -- and the ones discussed in the UFO Hunters episode. Many witnesses reported feelings of dread, of fear, though some had experienced feelings of elation, upon seeing these orbs. I had both: feelings of a happy intrigue when I first saw the orb, and a real goofy, almost psychedelic response right after seeing it. And yet, even though I actually walked to the front door after going inside, with the intent of going back outside to look for the orb, I couldn't do it. I couldn't open the door. I remember thinking how odd it was that here I just saw an incredible thing -- experienced an incredible thing -- yet couldn't make myself go outside to look further.  I also had the most terrifying dreams of my life right after seeing the orb. These dreams were always the same: I'm paralyzed inside a brilliant white beam of light that is so bright I can almost see through things. There is something huge above me, some kind of object. My husband is nearby but has been taken from me and I'm screaming for him, for "them" to return us to. . . or get us out of, wherever the hell we are.

These orbs were described by witnesses as being basket ball sized, or even larger, like a beach ball. That's exactly how I've been describing the size of the orb I saw for all these years. Witnesses also said they felt a premonition, or some kind of telepathic communication between the orb and themselves; I also had that experience when I first saw the orb. I had glanced up having noticed the orb, which I estimated to be about a mile away. I had the distinct feeling it was waiting for me, and as soon as I thought "What the hell is that thing?" it zoomed right to me, following us along the road. (Witnesses also reported they were followed by the orbs.)  As we turned the corner to go home (our house was right around the corner) the orb stopped for a moment above a house across the road from us, then just sank down, "landing" in the backyard. Similar behavior was reported by witnesses on the UFO Hunters episode.

People have asked me if there were lights on this thing, and I've always described it as a real, physical craft (as opposed to a cloud, or a spirit orb, etc.) and no lights on it, or around it, but lit from within. Witnesses on UFO Hunters described their orbs the same way.

Missing time was mentioned by at least one witness; I also experienced missing time in connection with this orb, as did my husband.

On this last point, there's something very strange. To this day, after countless discussions, my husband and I still differ on some things. These points  of disagreement were brought up again as we were watching UFO Hunters. He insisted we saw the orange orb when we lived on Hilyard street... I had to remind him of the detail of that sighting, which happened when we were on Friendly street. At first he was almost angry, denying it, but then  he seemed to then remember that yes, we were living on Friendly street when we saw the orange orb, but the missing time happened when we were on Hilyard, during a different UFO sighting. But neither of us can remember where we were coming from when we saw the orb. Where had we been? Why can't we remember? It was dark when we saw the orb; where would we be coming from in that direction? We were on our way in back to town when we saw the orange orb-- so where were we? We don't know. Does this mean we have had three episodes of missing time? (We did have a sighting of a silver craft, hovering about a hundred feet above a field in the same area around the same time; there are some cover memories and other odd things about that sighting as well.)

Recently, I posted on my blog The Orange Orb my experiment of trying to remember these missing time events. Maybe with focused intent, through dreams and other methods, I can uncover what happened.

When I had my orb sighting all those years ago, I read every book I could find on UFOs. I found all kinds of fascinating information, but nothing that came close to describing what I saw. Yet UFO Hunters showed us that these orb sightings have been experienced by many, and are still happening.

Was the orb I saw the same kind of orb talked about in UFO Hunters? Sounds like it. While the time line is different -- mine was over twenty-five years ago, and, from what I could find at the time, didn't seem to match up with any reports -- there were witnesses who'd seen orbs long ago, as well as more recently.

Lots of speculation on what the orbs are of course from witnesses and researchers, but we can't say for sure. What did I see that night? An orange orb lit from within, the size of a beach ball, that followed me, seemed to be waiting for me, could read my thoughts. Where did it come from, who made it and why, what did it want -- those are questions I have no answer for, even after all these years.

Even after all the research I've done into UFOs from so many perspectives, I am still reluctant to come out and say "it was aliens." I don't know it was aliens. But what else could it be? Around and around we go. Government ops? Quite possible, and yet, just as many things wrong with that theory as there are right. Mental illness? Sigh. Well, then that means both my husband and I are mentally ill, and so are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. So really, all other explanations are fantastic -- which does not mean impossible, just fantastic. Time travelers, time slips, fairies, aliens, tulpas ... whatever, something damn stange that we have yet to figure out.

Wolf Dream

I had the following dream last night, after watching the UFO Hunters episode and writing the above entry. The dream didn't have anything to do with UFOs or my orb experience in specifics, but when I woke up, my first thought about the dream was that it was connected to the orange orb sighting. The dream had a definite UFO vibe:

Nervous Wolves
It's nighttime, and very, very dark. Ink black. I'm outside the house I live in, which is a white, small little building -- there is only an upstairs, like a small apartment, that is reached by a narrow flight of stairs. The stairs are inside, in other words, they're surrounded by walls. There's nothing underneath, just the covered stairs leading up to the apartment, which sits on a little hill. This place is surrounded by woods, the trees are bare. It's impossible to see into the woods since it is so dark.

For some reason, I'm outside the house/apartment. I'm surrounded by my "pets" which are wolves, and wolf hybrids. The wolves are very nervous, agitated. Even though these animals are "mine" we have an odd relationship. I find myself wondering why I have wolf hybrids as pets, since I don't think people should own such animals (neither wolves, or, hybrids) and I would never own such beings. Yet I've ended up with them somehow. They are my protectors in some ways, yet are also unpredictable. I'm a little wary around them.

I'm also concerned, they're skinny. I wonder why, have I not been feeding them properly? Then again, some of them have just sort of shown up from "out there" and joined us. I feel responsible for them.

So here we are, out in the ink black night, starless, on a grayish hill of parched grass. Something awful has happened in the woods, many of the wolves come running up, and we all run up the stairs into the house. There is a man in uniform kneeling down inside, working on something, some kind of control panel or machine or something. He's human and kind of creepy. I tell him he has to do something, that there's some kind of creature out there attacking my wolves. "Maybe a rabid raccoon, I don't know, something, but we have to kill it" I say. He ignores me, he's pretty cold. There's also something about another man who kind of sneaks off, thinking I didn't notice. I also wonder what the hell these guys are doing in this, "my" house, but I also know that they're in charge. Since they're in charge, I demand they protect us, fix things. But they don't.

All I care about are my wolves, and myself of course. . . just save us, get us the hell out of here, and take care of that nasty thing out there that's trying to hurt these poor wolves who aren't hurting anyone.

That's the end of the dream, or, all I remember.






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check my playlists on youtube please. there you can see more than 1200 videos (all from this year) with this strange orange orbs. i have seen one of them in may this year and began searching. i wanted to know if there are other people who have seen them, too. and to my suprize, yes! yes are seen and filmed all over the world. and it seems like it takes no end....

here is what i have found till now:

Clockwork "Orange Objects 2009" Part I - VII








bye TCK

November 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTheCorKhalom

Regan, I think I understand your reaction to the Dark Presence episode of UFO Hunters -- which was excellent (Bill and co.)!

In the summer of August 1975, I was 21 and staying overnight at my family's Connecticut summer cottage on Long Island Sound. It was a packed weekend with other relatives staying there. So, I was in the master bedroom which included a fullsized bed (my parents slept in) and single bed (me).

I woke up in the dark morning hours and saw my mother staring out of the wide picture-window onto the ocean. My father was sound-to-sleep. I asked my mother what she was doing. She said she was watching a big fireball that was "right up in our window", so close that she thought it would crash into us and then it moved beyond the 'break water'. I quickly got up and stood next to her looking out. There was nothing to be seen that was out-of-the-ordinary.

We then went downstairs to use the bathroom. I remember feeling troubled by all of this. My mother seemed dazed and she was a very dynamic person who should have reacted to this quite differently. I don't even remember if she or I discussed it with my father or the relatives the next day.

What was strange about that August at the cottage (where I visited again, when there were other relatives to be with) is the helicoptor flights over us during the night and early morning hours. These choppers were something new and very loud. They flew so low that the house would literally shake. I remember one night my uncle getting up and yelling to everyone complaining as he quickly walked downstairs. But,I simply went back to sleep during all this - a strange reaction.

In Sept. of this year, my cousin was visiting me from TX and he mentioned the helecopters as we were reminiscing about our times at the cottage. I hadn't thought of them for so long. Before that year of 1975 and afterwards, there weren't any. We assumed they were Coast Guard and looking for something - my cousin said when he got up with his father (the uncle who was very upset by them) - they saw spotlights coming from them over the water and onto our cottage and the neighboring cottage. I thought how odd that Coast Guard would shine lights on residences, instead of the water. He then made a joke that they were looking for his brother's ufo (my other cousin saw a brownish, oval shaped disc over his backyard while he was playing as a child - it hovered then dipped over a nearby lake, then blinking out of existance). We chuckled a bit and didn't talk further about the subject - I just wasn't feeling in the mood to.

A few years ago, I looked up a compendium of sightings going back for decades in CT and MA, from the CT MUFON and MA MUFON. CT had quite a few fireballs, orange balls, orbs ect. And some of the sightings were within 25 miles of our family cottage.

So, as you've noted Regan, these orange Orb UFOs have been around for sometime.

November 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSusan

Thank you Susan for sharing your story. I've experienced that same apathetic state or just odd reaction in myself and others as well in UFO events. The helicopters -- I've never experienced that, I can imagine how unnerving that would be.

November 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRegan Lee

Hi! I am Rachel, the case manager for MRIPA, that was on the UFO Hunters episode "Dark Presence." I stumbled across this page through a google search and enjoyed reading the posts. Even though Jason and I got about 5 minutes on the show, what was aired was not even a glimpse of the indepth conversation that Pat, Bill, Kevin, Jason, and I had in what the orbs could be. Spirit orbs are definitely NOT the same thing as what you Regan are describing in your experiences. Unfortunately because of the show we have received some emails asking how we could think that orbs are only spirit related. This is where I have to say "sigh."

MRIPA investigates all things paranormal: UFOs all the way to ancient legends. I really appreciate you writing about your experiences because I think it is very important that people share their stories because if it's just not to get more information out there at least it will let others know who have had similar experiences that they are not alone.

Going back to "spirit orbs" Jason and I are very cautious when people claim to have captured "spirit orbs" on photographs. The truth is most of the pictures that we receive are the following: dust, water droplets/condensation, insects, and what's most unfortunate is when we receive pictures that have been altered to resemble something paranormal. But the pictures that we shared on the UFO Hunters show were small orbs of energy which resemble a small ring of electricity. These are not as common as some may think. We also try to explain that just because these orbs of energy are present it does not mean that a spirit/ghost is present. It can increase the possibility, but more than not it's related to a natural earthly phenomena.

But I will state again,what you have experienced is something completely different from "spirit orbs." Jason and I did do an investigation with Indiana - MUFON back in July of this year. It was a woman and her family who live up in northern Indiana who witnessed one large red orb (basketball size) and a multitude of smaller white orbs (softball size) in the woods that surrounded her house. She too explained a feeling of "awe" at first and than fear. In fact she stated that the orb actually entered through her front door and left a sticky residue on her door. Her dog no longer likes to go out side at night, and when Jason and I were asking her questions, we both noticed that there was missing information that didn't fit in sequence. When I say this, I do not mean that she was telling us false information, what she was telling us was the truth. Her story to this day still has not altered any. What I'm saying is the way she was talking and her actions fit into that of people that have experienced "missing time." She couldn't recall several hours of the 2 nights that she experienced seeing these orbs.

One claim that she stated that on the 2 nights that she saw these orbs she felt tired and was inclined to want to go to sleep. Anyways, I did a complete write up of this case for our website and Indiana MUFON, if you would like to read about it. Of course we didn't capture anything, but than if what is being seen is of an intelligent source - maybe they are aware when we are looking and know not to make an appearance. (kind of gives me goose bumps just thinking about that)

Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experiences. I think if anything it will help people realize that something is happening that we cannot fully explain. Have a wonderful rest of your day and week!



November 10, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRachel

Rachel, how very cool to hear from you, thank you for your comments. I thought it was interesting paranormal/ghost hunters, as in your case, would branch out to UFOs.

I agree about orbs: there are spirit orbs, which are very different than the spheres -- the craft! -- discussed in the UFO Hunters episode; those that we saw were clearly a craft of some kind.

What I saw was a craft, an object, not a spirit orb. Spirit orbs are a fascinating topic and when it comes to ghosts, spirits, etc in general I'm intrigued; I've had my own experiences with those as well, but that's a whole other area!

thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts Rachel.

November 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRegan Lee

I think this may help you to understand;

Several years ago after leaving the armed services I was abducted by Greys 3-6th dimension that are working with Reptilian's, "the Federation". The Federation is "a non human NATO type organization", of Greys, Reptilian, Insectoid, Moth men, (recessive beings like the ones in the movies...There are about 42 different type species of military males in various bases in the United States). Some of the reptilian bases are in the USA, AZ, NM. You can find more information on these Orion beings and non earth non humans discussed in thousands of contact books, and thousands of internet sites, (I'm not the only one who has been abducted). These humanoid beings lie, and manipulate you until the point of near mental and physical breaking.

These Reptilian hybrids and Greys are working with a type of 5th & 6th dimension Ascended Brotherhood,
"communally minded" hive mind society sub space beings controlling many "false" religions and non human type religious belief systems. Why? A. for control, so that humans do not go into space to find their non human ET bases, cities and ships. B. Because of our SOULS, this is very complicated to understand we have a "soul", the soul is an atomic particle electric formation that is part of us, but according to all legends and some modern technology the soul can be taken with the use of high frequency high voltage technology. The soul is a vestige of our "genetic past" that was a piece, in much the same way our reptilian lower brain is, of another space ET race. There are several types of ET's that can remove this part of your body Reptilian, Greys(FALLEN ANGLES "Devils"), steal it and use it for longevity, for energy, and for their own race studies, just like some ETs do with our DNA ovum and sperm, thousands of very well documented cases around the world. I know this reads far off but it is in all religions, eyewitness UFO abduction and many ancient religious legends and world spiritual texts. C. For DNA, and because DNA is a resource for them like the soul is, and in many real medical ways!

The Federation, White brotherhood, Reptilian's, Grays(Fallen Angles), Ascended Masters, Midwayers, Draco's, Draconian's all of these ET recessive demonic and dogmatic societies recruit people aggressively from dark religions; The Art of Living, the illuminati, Jesus demonic cults, Scientology,Cults in general, Islamic Religions, Voodoo and African Botanic cults and many more religions, too numerous to list, they choose and influence people like puppets and then some to govern us! The Greys are the most hive minded and dogmatic of the societies interacting with the earth and near space i.e. Mars!

This is important... Religion is a legend, *some are factual most are not*, a construct written by various non human
inter dimensional recessive dogmatic ET races and by some not so well educated semi-primitive humans, it is very misleading and troublesome. Religion does not help us solve our problems of global warming, cancers, defense against recessive ET's, economy...instead religion focuses on a construct which is incoherent. Jesus and god will help,* neither can be further from the truth (the bible, Koran, Buddha vedic texts etc. are full of wars initiated by;
ET "gods"** non human ET"S never helping but instead killing humans, WWII greys w/ Nazis. The earth is in the worst condition ever as is the human race. Read the newspapers....and neither Jesus, god nor budda is helping us. The churches are filled with pedophiles, (Catholic and Christian churches i.e. USA arch dioceses settling for billions of dollars and others Evangelist Tony Alamo for raping young girls, "THE LORD IS IN CHARGE", mind control etc. Ex-cons, dumb human beings mind controlled people fill our religious and spiritual organizations.. Social studies, social support and human directed initiatives are a need, and we are being blinded my mind controlling ET"S. Many people who study history in detail will read about how the church enslaved many cultures to kill, rape, torture and tap into banking and world currencies. The Spaniards (greyET managed) in the holy conquistador wars, the Israeli zealots against their neighboring humans, and the Nazi (Grey) occult war of WWII, the Mormon cults(recessive greys) hurting, raping under age girls and on and on.

I was taken to the "Federation" caves by physical barely visible in our spectrum..beings. I used infrared/spectrum lenses goggles to see them, including a type of sub-space being, as the attacks went on I compensated as much as I could. Regressive Sub-Space Beings working with Greys, called the White Brotherhood are the culprits. After my life threatening experiences of many years I learned from the Greys themselves buy watching and studying as I was being pulled, (they abducted me for sperm surgical removal, as they do with women's eggs all around the world).

If you are religious why would, if god did exist harm the pontiff? Hurt the popes by giving them parkinsonism, harm them with neurological disorders and knock them down and fracture their arms as was done with the current pope...these are harmful violent extraterrestrials!!

1). All extraterrestrials are physical carbon based, silicon based, or molecular based beings (ALL), including the
ones who use magnetic field technology to cloak themselves, to travel,and as weapons and to appear as a human. Many of the non human ET's live for 100's of years, some sub space C=H types live for thousands of years. The weapons I have seen and been subjected too are: Mind control, frequency signal control i.e. "the tower of babble", around the world the transmitters are hidden in caves, and beamed in by Grey satellite. This weapon seen by myself is difficult to describe it is a multi layer mist like carpet which contains either chemical or magnetic structures in it. This plasma mist weapon is launched from the UFO and has electrical stinging properties to it, I noticed that high intensity fire collapses the mist field. It has been shown by some Crop Circle researchers that some crop circles have similar field misting technology. Some of the "orbs", glowing ones seen are either weapons with lasers or frequency attack projections or are recording your brains thoughts and sending the info. to the reptilian greys...We humans desperately need better more advanced detection in the areas of detecting magnetic crafts in our atmosphere ( non USA saucers), frequency control detection, field technologies, laser detection and better weapons, better armed military, guns do not work against 6th dimension!!! i.e. stable plasmon technology. Some of these technologies can be detected with Geiger counters, and magnetic field detectors sold "on line", directional is preferred..also passive radar detecting magnetic changes in our atmosphere and around our homes find the electrical devices on them,and around them in their nearby craft. For your homes and cars..some of the Grey and reptilian devices can be disrupted by MHz frequency devices built at home, someone could make a small fortune selling better portable particle and wave detection, and disruption devices for our pockets. ** High voltage tazer weapons work very well. Hand held powerful battery operated magnets,in close proximity can interfere with grey technologies,the size of a cell phone, need to be mass marketed for our protection. Magnetic shielding paint can shield a room in your house where no EMF or ELF is detected! Other races of sub space beings have technology that I have seen, are defended against with hand lasers, built at home!! 2). Critical, we are not the only humans in the universe or multi verse...there are humans from Lyra, Pleiadians, Andromidan, Procyons, Acruturins, Cassiopeia, Simion, Tau Ceti, human Confederations "pro human" galaxies and billions more! 3, Even more important the Grey Federation is using Religion to "Dumb Down", all of us on earth. 3). All Religions have misleading information, there is no god, only extraterrestrials and human support groups from other worlds. The earths which NASA is just now locating are inhabited.

Our military is being attacked by the Greys, (google on the internet to get more info...), and by the Reptilian Federation all the time, all the time, The shootings at Army bases world wide are mind controlled by the
Grey/Reptilian Federation, as is the sweat lodge incident "6 hospitalized", 911, and the current state of our economy and health, chemical atmospheric "trails". *** Pay attention to numbers in the news...when you listen to the news or read the newspapers you will find a numerical correlation that is a sign of the sub-space Federation, for example "13" soldiers killed in Fort Hood, "6" miners killed in last years coal mining incident, coordinated attacks on the USA for "911". Historically, "13" students killed in Kent State in the 1960's. They use ( 8-120 MHz broadband mind control technologies piggybacked on T.V. cell phone and cable signals, important for you to remember). A strategy used by the Greys and others is to mind control, in the name of Religions "ALLAH", a not so well informed person into doing the killing or attack on our government. Obama needs to know this as he has been manipulated openly by the federated greys, those of us who understand Grey, Reptilian Military mind control Strategy and Tactics listen closely to his speeches; for example...Jesus is my mentor and I am speaking with him now, no!! Jesus is dead It was told to me Jesus did exist by some ET's, but he is dead it's an ET who learned earth languages and controlled Jesus. THESE MILITARY ET BEINGS SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH TOO!!!!!! It is not Obamas fault, nor is it Hillary Clintons fault...it was not President Kennedys fault, but the Grey military Federation did kill him in part because the Greys and others did not want us in Space. On several occasions after having meet with special forces the general in charge described a method by which they are forcing the greys and reptilian out of some cave sites. What is done is to imbed into the rock or sand, about five feet in, a speaker array through which high intensity loud sound is sent through the rock into the cave and forces them out. it was explained to us that on several occasions after a few days of this type of method several greys came out disoriented!!!

One being had an advanced weapon which I determined was a magnetic laser weapon which would track me as I moved around my home either bio metrically or by implant, I sure would like an idea on how to protect against it? It feels ***just like being under an extremely strong magnet making it very difficult to move, and think. I tried grounding myself, and to use nearby shielding to no avail....what an ordeal. This is a weapon we need to defend against...!!! I did a search to see if I could find something like it, the closest thing I got was Raytheon's, "microwave crowd control beam weapon", it was not microwaves. In the caves, and near my home the Gray types and Reptilian's make many rather "high frequency screeching sounds" like you get on t.v. interference or like the "brakes of a car" sound, I believe it's their inter dimensional technologies, using probes to come in and out of the area from their locations to mine, but I'm still uncertain!!

It's being done mainly because these other types of ET"s, Greys, Reptilian Snake beings, insectoid which are more technically advanced and regressive in the way they think and act are working together against humans, abducting women mainly and men for experiments etc.

As we speak somewhere on earth a child is being abducted for food by the reptilian's, and or for DNA by the greys I know!!! According to all law enforcement agencies their are 100,000's of kids and people missing, in the USA every year (WHERE DO THEY ALL GO)? There are technologies you can buy to protect yourselves, guns, tazers high volts, mind brain protection velostat 3M caps,velostat 3M shielding material also works in many labs with high emf use, buy it at home depot or on the internet, particle detectors, magnetic particle detectors...Critical infrared binoculars, portable magnetic field room detectors. The recessive and violent ETs have through chem trails and dropping poisons form the ships into our water supply, use water filters and A/C hepa filters, screwed our government not all of the chemicals in our oceans and local water supplies are human derived, look up chem trails on the net. Local, National and Regional Government need to do more to protect its population.!! WE must invent better ways of protection against these recessive extraterrestrial races, mind defense technologies and home shielding as well as robots to detect and defend!!!

Have extra food and defenses at home for your family, it is no coincidence that in the movies on abduction and on aliens we are seeing a lot more of ET films, on T.V. "V", house, "2012", "District 9", "New Moon" etc...They are signaling massive problems ahead with recessive non human ETs as mankind goes into "space Hotels", Luxury Space travel, more military crafts into near and far space., maybe another war? Many people are trying to educate you with films to inform you of the risks we are in! 2012, alien mind control, H1N1 grey federation attacks on humans etc, etc...

I don't know weather this is true or not but have been told by Greys that earth is entering a ***Photon Belt*** of
very dangerous particles, this explains Global Warming, within the context of a very dormant sun spot cycle. Some ancient scriptures, books that I have researched speak about a method by which humans are selected, and "THE BELT" connection opens their souls but not for all humans, ASTRAL BODIES. It has been presented to me that many societies of ETs are going to be speaking to us in the next few years, be extra careful who you stay with and communicate with, that better ET society,"War of Souls". Very Carefully choose to be with human societies! A great book to read from people who worked for the government who meditated and used frequency, brain frequencies to connect with recessive ETs is [Cosmic Explorers by Courtney Brown Remote Viewing] free on line!!!!! We as humans transmit thoughts all the time!!!!

Below is a copied section from a pleiadian channeling site on the internet, this site and others verify communications with non recessive ETs about the Photon Belt which we are in, from Melora:

"PHOTON BAND Pleiadian 1995 QUESTION: And what about the forecast of the three days of darkness when we enter the Null Zone? MELORA: This is when the Sun will become fully immersed in the Photon Band. We discussed this last time, and we wish to move beyond the forecast, for example, of the electricity becoming neutralized and batteries, and cars, and electrical devices no longer working. Although this may be true, understand that you are in a state of transformation. At the point at which . . . first there are the days of darkness-- absolute, total darkness--and people are saying, "Well, I'd better lay in some supplies, and water, and get a kerosene heater, and so on. But, you see, given your transformation, you will not need these things. And so we wish to emphasize that focusing your consciousness on your transformation, your transmutation, in the light is the most important. Now the scenario, as you may have been reading in recent books, has changed. And we wish to focus now on the various agendas of the various beings who are "spectators in the stands" in this "football game." Our strongest message is this: Aim as high as you can in your consciousness. Fifth-dimensional Pleiadians are going to want to use you as "human libraries" so that they can learn from you about dimensions above themselves through you in your connection to the Earth. Fifth-dimensional Sirians are going to wish to help you understand how three-dimensional reality manifests from ideal morphogenic structures so that you can begin now actively to co-create the peace and harmony forecast for your planet. And so, again, they are invested in your becoming fifth-dimensional humans so that they can partake of your experience, but in a different way than that of the Pleiadians. Sixth-dimensional Sirians, of which we are "one," as a group, wish to have you understand that many of you will be returning to dimensions higher than Fifth. And so in the Barbara Marciniak books, for example, her Pleiadians are saying "Oh, this is what it will be like when you're a Fifth-dimensional human." We are saying that you don't have to "stay" there. Understand that many of you are returning to angelic light resonances, and so forth. And so when you read this material, understand that these are Fifth-dimensional beings talking about their agenda, and that happens to be Pleiadian. And these are also
Fifth-dimensional, but they're Sirian, and that's a different agenda. And be discerning when you read these materials. This also applies to information about the Photon Band. The source of the information, and it is channeled . . . (Channeling is one of the few sources that is not controlled by "World Management" Teams, and what not.) Channeling often is the most direct source of the truth now--not trance channeling as in the old days. Channeling now is conscious, although the channel is in an altered state, connecting directly with the Higher Self as we are here, and we tell the truth because this [indicating Jyoti Alla-An] is one of our children, here, and we would not deceive our children--not anyone. So the scenarios about the Photon Band and about Ascension will be filtered according to the agendas of the beings communicating through the channel. So if a channel is not coming directly from the Higher Self connection and is channeling a totally other entity who is a Fifth-dimensional Pleiadian and NOT in that soul "hierarchy," then that entity essentially can work its agenda through the channeled information. Each of you is sovereign; you must discern, because your free will is what keeps you strong in your acceleration. Your free will is also what you must always be conscious of so that you are not violated from outside your self. You need to be extremely cautious of where you are looking and who is there as a guide or as an enemy of humans, if you feel pain get out and stop , ask for the human 5th+ dimensional guides,,, "
When attacked as part of the defense use frequencies i.e. different tonal sounds like on a dead radio or on some t.v.'s "TONE", for hours...BEEP..............One of the most violent societies in all places are the short orange brown reptilian's some working with greys, if you are channeling or meditating or remote viewing be extremely careful!

Any scientist who has atmospheric x-ray, gamma ray detection please let us know about the increase in such particles vs. previous years! % ? Thank You! The earth will change violently and dramatically in just a few days, in the years leading into 2012!

The Grey Federation ruined myself and family like they did with Alex collier, and Billy Meier for example Mr. Meier's too has recently, per his web site communicating with us and warning of 2012 and other recessive nonhuman ETs.
I know about the many friendly human races who are trying to help us now.

When I was at the Grey army here in Santa FE, N.M.base, I saw many things, I have a PhD, I'm a quick learner and can now read their Sumerian type alphabet and words... I was taken on one type of craft they use, how they fly and what they use in them... ***the saucer shaped craft uses electrical batteries as propulsion power (this is why some are seen charging up on power lines), in the middle of some saucers there is a large circular ceiling to floor barrel structure it contains lithium type batteries extremely high voltage charges. The craft are made of layered and compressed metals titanium type layered compounds, the outer skin is electrified to reduce and eliminate drag and atmospheric resistance. Inside the saucer is a network of Compressed tiny (nano) frequency transmitting fiber optics for controls and for ON BOARD GUIDENCE SYSTEMS, SIMPLE. THEY USE THE EARTHS MAGNETIC AND GRAVATATIONAL FIELDS TO FLY *****************************************************
IT STINGS when touched electrical pulse). I'M NOT A PHYSICS MAJOR BUT DID STUDY SOME ENGENERING. This may be the only way we can build these craft commercially and get off the earth before these earth changes end our civilization!! Not kidding, google the last few years of forest fires around the world.

They are trying to mind control our societies through MHz frequency control, we think in about 11-80 MHz,and they use computers and oscilloscope combo. A type MRI equipment to read thoughts as we read print or as scientist
reads peaks on a graph, as well as gravitational field technology to beam in false info.

Protect and shield your brains and spinal cords!!! All of our military and armed forces should wear velostat 3M or better (signal protection electrical grounded materials on your head) caps and monitor the frequency changes around them, the government of the USA ours, needs to be informed of the greys methods and take steps to help each other, protect our families people this is real....(people in Britain were not ready, prepared for WWII, Study military history ) ...(we have a very weak and complacent military/police/NSA/CIA/) The Greys have even infiltrated some govt individuals in these agencies.........!!! Just because you were in church on Sunday and you see people speaking in tongs, falling to the floor, and saying they are talking to god? There is no god only ET groups (mostly the greys are lying about god and impersonating) , ET governments. Just because our president says, "thank you Jesus", it's mind control.......pay attention and analyze what is going on in government, it is scary, not human.

Several devices which are still being used on my self and home include, some type of beam (laser), because I saw it, and followed up on the net and found that these beams can turn off all electrical switches including some in our nuclear arsenal. How is it that these nuclear silo switches are not shielded? I'm working on electrical shielding for my computer, phones, appliances, etc.


P.S. This was written under partial duress......they know where I live. Pass the info on.

The Federated reptilian/gray/insectoid societies are using harmful technology to harm the human mind, causing
memory loss and fatigue...FIGHT BACK!!, I use the above mentioned technology and when I go out and they start to harm my body with high intensity back spasm devices i.e. microwave, particle , mind control. I use my mind and picture each attacker being attacked by me, mental warfare. They are distracted by loud music, food odors, perfumes, high intensity flood lights, mace, strobe lights, high frequency sound and our minds killing them......... I keep a gun and tazer by my side always now!!!

Listen to this highly educated and experienced old man, if you see a craft these are not dolls, these are recessive violent, harmful, controlling alien males, they have an agenda! Read the info. on the net with a grain of salt, why haven't they come forward? They will not because of violent abductions, use your logical brain the reptilian greys are ,"DEVILS, depicted correctly in many books of legend, history and many religious books. Even the Nazis contacted the Greys. Protect your brains!!! Stay away from them, Betty and Barney Hill were assaulted, all of the abduction cases are harmful rape and kidnapping humans, we in the USA have laws against these crimes yet our government turns in another direction not opposing these Ets. Because they control some people in our not yet, "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Get involved the stakes are high.

Space is much more crowded than most people know, extremely dangerous NASA knows..Our Rocket
systems and defense systems are frail... Connect the dots.........2012 We are getting close, climate change, biology, secret governments, mind control, abductions, alien technologies genetic and magnetic fields, and we wonder where they come from reverse designs from crashed UFO...Many historians believe that many earth human races i.e. Mayans lived with ET Reptilian control..

I'm building a small back yard underground shielded shelter for my wife don't laugh at me I have been through a great ordeal and know much more than most! Do we as a country, understand the risks of EMF radiation on our bodies and brain, is it not so that some highly educated people shield themselves from the cell phone radiation with either a "patch" or by using a wireless ear device or better ? Do any engineers have a million dollar idea to shield our bodies and mind from all kinds of radio/microwave/broadband EMFs the same way with a shielding patch shielding shirts and pants....our military needs them!!!!!!!!!

An entire platoon can be taken out with out ever firing a bullet shot.................frequency brain defense, are you ready to re read the page.

November 19, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDan Roth

"Do any engineers have a million dollar idea to shield our bodies and mind from all kinds of radio/microwave/broadband EMFs the same way with a shielding patch shielding shirts and pants....our military needs them!!!!!!!!!"

Perhaps a tin-foil hat?

I'm just saying.....

November 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMike Good

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Coming Human Aliens
Part Two The Message
By Don Ray Walton
Please Note
That this message you are about to read will not be revealed as fact or fiction In order for those that read it to determine the real truth by the gift of there own free will. Our main goal is to let you, the audience, make the decision and decide whether or not you choose to accept the knowledge by your reasoning alone. By the power of reason you can determine the truth of the matter by the matter in question. The answer is the truth behind the question. The question here is what is the Truth? To exist is to have purpose. To be of purpose you must have a reason for your existence in the first place.
I wonder how long from that date would it take for our Solar System to reach the center of our Galaxy in which therefore lies a giant black holes event horizon a billion times the size of our sun just what do you think could end time in our world other than stopping the whole solar system at once 2012 represents the last Day not a disaster on Earth think time will not end unless the world stops turning

Alien Message to Man End of Earth 2012, not yours or our fault
On May 18, 1980, your Solar System known to the aliens as Trysun, transpired, a planetary alignment, where all nine planets came into a direct and straight line causing a vertical imbalance of the first central core on earth to draw toward the gravitational pull of your Sun. During this time, a great force of pressure built within all nine planets central cores drawn by the gravity which gave an extreme pressure release known to mankind as a volcanic eruption.
Mount Saint Helen's, Washington State, USA, on May 18 1980, was the eruption on this planet in the nine-planet array line up of volcanic eruptions on all the Planets in this Solar System, all the Planets went off at once; this turned your solar system into a giant rocket engine.
The volcano eruptions acted as retrorockets and your entire Solar System known to us as Trysun left its safety zones in your galaxy and headed directly for the center of your Galaxy which is a Giant black hole in space.
This event shortened the life spans of the human host populations of your planet Earth. By the year of 2012 your planet earth will be no more.

We, the Angels of Heaven, and your Creator, know that the human host children population of your world known to us as planet Earth are not responsible for this event.
And, you are innocent creatures in need of rescuing. We, the guardians by the authority of our Creator are chosen to rescue your human host population from extinction into the black hole.
Those of you on your planet, who decide they do not want to die, and be sucked into that black hole of nothingness, will be allowed to leave with us, and be transported to a new Earth in a safety zone, and a safe place of haven.
The prophecy of Christ begins. Do not mistake this message from us as a reason for religion. We are not, nor never have been a religious cult.
We are simple rescuers of those who are in need of the rescuing with technologies far above that of your own, with interplanetary capabilities.
It is written in your prophecies of old that we should come. The second resurrection of your world Human Hosts by your Savior Jesus Christ is at hand as promised. Jesus spoke, during the harvest of man,” One shall stay, one shall be taken.”
Jesus also spoke,” Many are called, and few are chosen”. Revelations prophecy gives you this information. The graves will open the dead shall rise from them. This is not a resurrection from death to life, but because your world Earth will have been sucked into the black hole of your Sun after it is extinguished by the black hole that it is sucked into a billion times the size of your own Sun.
Your Sun will extinguish from the black hole’s gravity and suction of its action that continues it to exist causing your Sun to extinguish into a small black hole, which will in turn join with the large black hole, a billion times its size.
When this extinguishment happens to your Sun, your Suns gravity will pull all nine planets in two and inside itself as well. It is with deep regret, we the guardians of your Universe, are to inform you of this tragedy about your world known to us as Solar System Trysun.
In the year 2012, your world known to us as Planet Earth will end. This is what Jesus meant by a second death, the death of the human spirit known to us as light, Not even light can escape a black holes gravity to be trapped for all eternity in a black holes gravity pull would be pure hell fire and brimstone.
So, you best stop fighting amongst yourselves, and take a real close look at your futures. By the year 2012, your Solar System known to us as Trysun, will encounter a black hole in your solar systems course. Your Planet’s poles will shift, and will release volcanic retroactive, or pressures into space causing your Planet to head straight for the black hole with extreme speed.
This is no joke,” no cult, only a serious few will be chosen. Jesus spoke, Many are called, but few are chosen.” The ones who will go with us must choose to go with us on their own free will. There will be no belongings or possessions taken to this New World Earth.
I hope you do not mistake this message as a cult. You will not have to die to be transported to the new Earth. You are the reason for the save, only life is important to us, you don’t save the dead, only the living. What part of this message didn’t you understand?
Jesus also spoke,” I go now to prepare a place for you.” A new earth in a safety zone galaxy will be your new home in Heaven, not by dying, but by living and accepting your lives.
The elderly will not be left out. Anyone chosen by their own free will who wishes to travel to the New World will be given. What they need to multiply as far as new bodies are concerned.
Jesus spoke,” A sower of seed shall come,” some of the seeds shall fall upon rocky ground.” These are the people of the Planet Earth that do not want to go to the safety zone and New World, He has prepared for them.

Some shall fall in good soil. These are the seed of those who choose by their own free will to go with us to the New World Earth, and populate and multiply on the New World.
Some shall fall into thorns; they shall rise up and choke the good seed. The seed is the seed of truth about the end of your world earth.
There are those among you, who will hear the truth of your world's end, and believe in it. The Thorns are the people who convince them not to go, or to trust us with their lives.
These are those who choke the life from the seed of the truth about your world ending, as non-believers, if you choose to listen to them, unfortunately. Your life and your last chance to save yourselves, or your family will be lost.
We the Guardians of this Universe, by the authority of our Creator, and your Creator, have only one chance to save your world Human host population by transporting you to the new Earth with every available means of interplanetary transportation we have available.
There are approximately 143,999 Alien Ambassadors available heading to your Earth at this time to try and save your world Humans as many as possible and transport them to the New World Earth that has been prepared by Jesus.
If the Human race is added to their number there will be 144,000 races to the Milky Way Galaxy. We have been given a bad reputation by those on your planet as cattle mutilation abductors.
When, we are trying to tereform a New World Earth for your human host population to be comfortable, and provide the food resources and waters you need in order to continue your life spans.
The elderly people will be taken to a transporter reconfigured; some atomic particle structuring codes entered transferring them to a perfect body containing their souls and memories of their lives, with breeding capabilities to replenish the new Planet Earth.
As in the prophecy of old, eternal life shall be given to those who choose peace and a chance to join with us as rescuers of those who are in need of rescuing throughout the universe.

Mans’ purpose is to travel the stars, breed, and continue to preserve the beautiful worlds, The Creator has made through a long period of time and stop disasters before they happen, to save lives and worlds that are in danger such as yours is at this time.
It is with deep regret that we should have to relocate your world human hosts at this time, but we know, you mean well. By our leader your Lord Jesus Christ, it is written in your future to the Guardians of the universe by order of the Creator's Son Jesus. That the Human host population of the Planet Earth shall be added as the 144,000th race to the Army of God. The Army of God, is not an army of vengeance or discipline. It is an army of love, the hand of God and his unconditional rescuing of those who are in need known to our creator as the Salvation Army of Heaven and safe haven to all who are in need.
We, the Guardians, of the universe are the chosen; you are the chosen by your own free will to join us in our quest to preserve what God has created. Our Creator, the Alpha and Omega end of transmission.
Note to humans, shortly after transmission this craft was viewed by the STEPHENVILLE Texas people of planet Earth.
Your government knows about the black hole. They are building a space station to try to preserve themselves, and whom they choose to take with them before this happens.
Warning to all humans on this world. Jesus is coming soon, this plan must take effect in the removal of all Human Host, who are willing to go with us, and must be done within the next three years before your Earth and its Solar System encounter the black hole’s gravity.
If your Planet, and your Solar System get too close to the black hole, we, your Guardians cannot save you from your destruction for our ships will be sucked into the black hole as well.
Your Government does not want you to know this Truth, that’s about to happen to your world known as Planet Earth. Because it would cause a worldwide panic, and your world Humans would lose all order and care not about themselves or others.
No matter what petty differences, no matter what crimes you have committed on your world, they mean nothing to us. We are simply transporters of Human life. It makes no difference to us, the Guardians how you live your lives, as long as you do not hurt others.
Criminals in the Justice system will be given a second chance. There is no need to hurt or destroy anyone or any property, because you cannot take it with you. All space must be reserved for life forms only.
Humans must be removed first then pets or other life forms will be transported. You are not allowed to take anything but yourselves your family, your relatives, your friends onto the spaceships.
Everything that you need to survive will be given freely to you as far as shelter, nourishment, and clothing.
When you arrive on the New World, your relatives, friends and their friends who have already passed on have been collected in spirit form, and given new bodies on the New World Earth waiting for your arrival.
You are the last we already placed the animal’s plants and everything you will need to duplicate your New World Earth as this one is so that you may be comfortable on the New World Planet Earth number 2.
It is written, the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first; the animals were our first choice to bring to prepare your way on the New World. You, the Human host population are the last, but the first because all this is done unconditionally for you and your children.
In order to supply a continual of your Human host population. So you see, everything that we have done the Guardians of the Universe, is to prepare a place to comfort you for eternity of eternal salvation.
You all are our main purpose. To add new blood to our mission, multiply, and love freely Alpha and Omega end of transmission.
Dear readers a note from the Author, when I wrote this last chapter I received a message from a space craft above Eureka Springs Arkansas. The final chapter of this book was done through extraterrestrial intervention called automatic writing.
The date I wrote it was Sunday night April 13,2008. At the time I was writing this final chapter of this book, a giant purple fire ball was witnessed in the sky right over my hotel room by several witnesses at the UFO convention,
As the object flew over them in the sky, this object began to head straight up instead of downward like a meteor or something that may have been falling from the sky.
Witnesses at the hotel believed it to be some kind of a UFO. www.galdepress.com Author Don Ray Walton Author, of,” The Coming Human aliens book.”
Note to the Readers, the 1947 Roswell crash was meant to reach our Capital in Washington DC; the Aliens, were going to introduce themselves, and warn us of the future disaster. And, prepare the Human race by introducing their technology to us all,
But, the other Aliens didn’t think Mankind would want to live in peace without hatred, and wars of destruction against their kind, and wage war and use their technology against them in the end.
So the Head Aliens shot down the ship before they reached our Capital, The peaceful Aliens that died in that crash were going to tell us about the upcoming disaster with the black hole, make friends with the Humans by preparing them to leave on the space ships.
So that knowing it was safe to get on the rescue crafts when they arrived on Earth at a later time could save Mankind. Travis Walton Fire in the Sky was taken in 1975 by mistake thinking he was me, to give me the message then, but I missed that ship because I hid from them; at that time I thought they were Bad Aliens trying to hurt me.
Had Travis not feared the contact they would have told him the message then.
A new message from Jesus and the Aliens, are you ready to leave with us?
The Quest of God Body: The Clause of Jesus Christ. We don’t know why less the truth of why be told. In the abyss of ones mind eye lay the taverns of Sovran sanity.
Given into by the towers of vibrations of ones right to be like God. Our final quest to be sons and daughters of our Creator God of time.
In which all things lay ahead of ones expectations I am what I am, that you to may be that which I must become, to my destiny of life’s evermore Immortal.
The reason why Aliens Are Here I can tell you that the information you are about to receive from me I Believe to be true. Now remember the moon is a satellite, and is new to our Solar System.
The moon is the key to the alien's place of origins. Did you ever wonder why there are so many different type objects, and Aliens being described by people who have been abducted by the Aliens?
Surely this can't be true, because of differences in alien life forms from the evolution of different worlds that they have evolved on.
They must be light years apart, how would all the different type aliens, note, become earth travelers? I don't think that earth is quite that popular among the aliens out there in the Universe, so vastly apart from each other.
I will tell you what my Alien friends in very high places have revealed to me about this question that I asked them concerning this matter of differences in alien life forms.
A very long time ago before Mankind was added to this Earth, there were other life forms and universes that had advanced their technology far above our own with interplanetary capabilities which is greater than ours do to evolution of living longer lives on different worlds.
As they evolved in technology, they still remained the same size because of the Planets that they had evolved on. Take for instance, a common insect look at the size of a mosquito compared to a Human then take into consideration the size of a human compared to the size of the Planet Earth.

Now take into consideration the size of the earth compared to the size of our Sun, even if we on earth had interplanetary capabilities, We, can do nothing about the size of our race, compared to the evolution of our lives here on Planet Earth.
When a solar System goes array such as ours is doing at this time by the planetary alignments causing volcanic eruptions of great energy forces, and causing those worlds to no longer exist in the Universe.
Whether or not they collide with other stars or planets, or a black hole, etc., the result remains the same the end of the worlds that they are living on, or their homes. And, Their planets are destroyed by the nature of the Universe itself, the supreme nature of all things.
As I may have mentioned before the moon is new to our solar system. The moon is not only misnamed by mankind, but it is also hidden like a thief in the night. There are those beings among our Universe, which are without homes or Planets due to the nature of the supreme destruction by the nature of the universe itself.
Their only choice was to use the technology that they had gained through their science and evolution of their world. And, since the size their spaceships would not be able to contain their entire race from the worlds that they evolved on.
They did the next best thing they selected moons or asteroids large enough to contain the population of their planets. People, it is far easier to move a moon then a whole planet away from destruction.
Because of the size of the worlds that they evolved on so the aliens with interplanetary capabilities moved to moons above their worlds, placed large engines capable of moving those moons, and the moons were no longer moons, but giant spaceships containing their races.
So, they began rescuing those other Aliens whose worlds were in danger of being destroyed by black holes Suns or other planets, so the Aliens decided to move from world to world rescuing those other
Aliens who were not capable to save themselves from the upcoming disasters of their worlds being destroyed by the universe is natural phenomenon of its supreme nature.
So the peaceful Aliens knew that the worlds that were going to be destroyed had to be advanced in technology and knowledge such as this Earth, which has been chosen at this time. The Human race is being prepared for such a disaster.

The moon is not a moon, but a move, because it moves from Planet to Planet rescuing those people that are in danger of being destroyed that are innocent in the destruction’s of their world Suns; a planetary alignment is not Mankind's fault.
We are innocent creatures, in need of being rescued by the aliens, who are peaceful and benevolent. They do not want to make slaves of us or control us in any way. They only mean the best for our Alien friends and us.
And if anyone wants to live and continue the human race, they offer a chance to leave this world Earth and go to another new Planet Earth number 2 that is in a safe Solar System back in our Milky Way Galaxy that we have strayed away from.
Or, just join with them in space rescuing other races from disasters. Jesus Christ knew this plan, but at the time the moon was not big enough to handle an entire Human race so they come in spaceships, flying saucers as you call them, to take samples from this Earth.
Like giant dump trucks to increase the size of the move or moon as the Humans would call it, when the move or moon is big enough ,and just before the a natural disaster of the planetary alignment is completed, and the destruction of the world ,and the last day is at hand.
The aliens come in spaceships to transport life forms to the move, but since there is no atmosphere on the moon., the aliens have to create a suitable environment in order to keep us alive long enough to reach a new Earth with an atmosphere that Jesus has prepared for we Humans with the help from his Alien friends, or Angels.
It is written that Jesus will rule the new Earth for a thousand years, but it does not state that this planet Earth is the one, it will be Planet Earth number 2 that he will rule, you can’t rule a planet for a thousand years if its going into a black hole,
Jesus will raise us to safety first by transporting us, as many that are willing to go with him to the safe Earth then he will rule that Earth a thousand years This is why the aliens or flying saucers appear all the time in our skies.
They are Angels traveling in spaceships, building a temporary place inside the moon and creating ecosystems by taking plant life's water, trees, and anything capable of producing oxygen and preserving life forms on Earth.
Now remember Aliens all have different environments as they evolved. So there are pockets there in the move or moon, as the Humans would call that are different sections.
Deep inside of the move or space ship, so that each alien environment can be created by the ecosystems in which the Aliens were able to survive in; those Aliens in the move have all lost their homes?
The same way we are about to lose our Planet Earth at this time. The event horizon of a black hole cannot be seen with a telescope. We are heading straight for it. The radiation from the event horizon would destroy this entire Solar System and everyone in it
Jesus Christ predicted this in the scriptures which confirm what I am saying is true about the move. If you read carefully and diligently seek those answers. You can compare the scriptures with what's going on here today; the Sun will turn black as sackcloth.
Of course it will. There will be blood on the moon. Of course there will be blood on the moon, because that's where we are all going to be moving to in order to get to the New World Earth that Jesus has prepared for us.
As in my statement Alien Message to Man End of Earth, not yours or our fault, when these things come to pass remember I am not a prophet, nor do I want any glory. I am the simple messenger to Mankind to deliver this message about the end of the Earth, and the entire Solar System that we live in.
Jesus Christ is the leader of the extraterrestrials, who will extract mankind from the earth before the final disaster happens, that destroys our world. Jesus Christ never left us.
He has been with us always as he has promised. He is living inside the move or moon, preparing it for us so that at that last day He can take as many of us Humans as possible, and save our lives.
Jesus spoke, “Those that love me love life” and those that follow me will have life in abundance eternal life. You cannot have eternal life if you are sucked into a black hole.
So a very unwise thing to do would be to stay here and remain, and think that you're going to be resurrected after you go through that black hole because light cannot escape from a black hole. The Human spirit is made up of light, and will be destroyed.
There never was such a place named hell. It's always been a hole as a black hole. It was Mans mistake when entering the name in the Bible not Gods.Wide is that doorway Jesus said well how wide is a black hole? Think about it.

The peaceful Aliens that were coming to earth in 1947, which were shot down, were asked to return to the move or moon before they were shot down.
The other Aliens in the move did not want to shoot their own craft down. But, at that time there was not enough room in the move, and it was not ready receive Human life forms.
They feared that the news of the planetary alignment, and the destruction of the world Earth would be too great for mankind to accept at that time.
A panic of world human hosts would be too large a problem to contain, many would die or suffer. No one would care about the end of their lives or going to jail for doing terrible things or crimes to other people
All order would have been lost. Even the Government would have to step in and take control. The Aliens, feared that the United States Government would try to take over the move or moon above this Planet Earth, and use their technology as they try to take over everything Alien,
And try to take over the move or moon by making slaves of the Aliens who are just trying to help us to save our lives and families from destruction from the black hole, and use their technology as a weapon against them and us.
Jesus does not have to come back, because he's already here, and has never left our side. As long as the move or moon as we call it, is above us, so will Jesus be there to lift us up at that last day, and save us.
This is where Jesus Christ received the name, and honor, and glory, of being our Savior, here on Planet Earth. He is coming soon, you hear this often, but he has not far to travel, because he is already above us with all those different Aliens who have been rescued from their worlds, that are willing to help, and rescue us from ours which is in danger of being destroyed in 2012.
Why the Aliens are here. It's because they lost their homes; what the Aliens are doing here is preparing a place in the move to save us, and, as many races that follow. The reason there are so many different types of Aliens visiting this Earth at this time, is because they were gathered up into the move or moon, when their home planets were destroyed.
About the 2000-mile long space ship; the Aliens don't need one, because they are in the move, or our moon, which is larger. By comparison, they just need to transfer us all to the move or moon, as we call it, temporarily, until we reach a new world and a new earth number 2 back in our galaxy that we are straying from at this time.
The Aliens must fire up the engines in the move, or our moon, as we call it, and return us back from the center of the Milky Way galaxy that we are straying towards this black hole, and our destruction. They will place us on a new Planet Earth number 2, and a city called Atlantis, meaning defined as At Land Us. Everything is connected.
And, everything has a plan and a reason to exist. A black hole is not evil. It is nature's way of keeping the galaxies from colliding against each other. A vacuum cleaner for space, basically to keep Gods kingdom clean from debris.
So now you have some answers to the questions you have been seeking. I can only say that Jesus said no man may know the day except he be of God, but by faith I know He will be here in time to help us leave this Planet before that disaster begins. Jesus never lies.
By faith we will be lifted up at that last day sometime between now and 2012; that is all I can tell you. When the trumpets call you just be ready to leave. Just go on with your normal life as planned; you will know it when they arrive.
All I ask is tell everyone about the message so they know about their safety when Jesus comes back. We don’t want everyone to panic, and hide from the rescue. PS; Hope to see you all make it to the new Earth, and please try to stay alive for the rescue. Do not be fooled into believing you have to die to be saved.
Your friend and author of the book, “The Coming Human Aliens, Don Ray Walton
Alien Message to Man, End of Earth, not yours, or our fault .My friends, it is with deep regret in my heart called the Holy Ghost conscience, to give to you a message to save the Human race concerning your Solar System known to us as Trysun.
On ,or around January 8, 2008 a a flying saucer appeared over Lake Fort Phantom 10 miles from Abilene, Texas; their mission was to contact Chance, to give him extraterrestrial information on the last chapter of his book called [The Coming Human Aliens.]
It is with deep regret that Chance brings you information that aliens showed Chance about the end of your earth in the solar system known to them as Trysun.
In a poem I wrote when I was 16,” I believed at that time the world might be destroyed by Mankind. I called it, {The Quest of God}
For God so loved the world, meaning the Planet Earth, He gave his only begotten Son to try and save it from destruction by Mankind’s bombs, and wars of hatred and judgments that were about to unfold as Mankind became even more evolved in his technology, and nuclear weapons of mass destruction .
“In danger this world was in when man gained the knowledge of God within. He gained the ability to make bombs. As he progressed along the road of life’s evolution, God knew the hatred between men would destroy this Earth in the end.
So he sent a man called Christ to teach his wisdom of his right. Jesus taught us to love and not to hate. To give instead of take. To heal instead of kill. And, to install the ways of peace between men way back then, so today wars of hatred might stand still.
Jesus taught so all mankind might hear. The gift of Gods wisdom is plain and clear. In addition, if Mankind would listen to His seed today our world could succeed. To live in peace and brotherly love, and, share with our children the Heaven of those stars above.”
At the tower of Babel, otherwise known to you Humans as the great pyramid in Egypt, We the the Aliens, and the Angels of heaven gathered together from every habitable planet in these star systems.
Every Human Host of different races, colors, and tongues of Human Host form capable of multiplying. We loaded them on our spacecrafts, and then we placed the different world Human Hosts here on this planet Earth.
This a test to see if you as Humans, being of one race, would accept each other without hatred, and judgment, to see if you Humans would work together in the spirit of love and peace.
We, the servants of God, had hoped you would work together to help each other overcome your petty differences in a peaceful way, moreover, build a world with love for one another instead of hatred, and judgment towards each other.
God did not snap his fingers, and change them into different colors or races. Free will means the right to choose your own ways, good or bad. That is what this test planet was all about .If you take that away, and then there is no master plan for peace. Peace must be given, not forced or commanded upon you.
By free will, open your ears please, and take the time to open your hearts to the real truth of the Creator’s unconditional love. These people were brought here to this planet like Noah’s Ark. Human Beings were brought across this Galaxy from other planets.
They had already evolved into different colors, and races, and languages, according to the worlds they were taken from. Then we released them all at once at the great Pyramid in Egypt. Because man was not open minded, or educated he automatically assumed God was angry over the building of the tower to heaven and cursed them As dumb as that may seem, it happened just as such.
How dumb is that? You Humans then proceeded to write in your Bible a misunderstanding that became a big fat lie about your Creator God. That tower was being built in order to reach our saucer. To this day the people of Egypt gather there in hopes of our returning. We know from other planets how humans behave towards someone who is different than they are. Coast to coast interview Alien message to man End of Earth not yours or our fault 2012
www.nwanews.com/adg/News/222623/ End of Earth 2012 The program ends with another visit from Don Ray Walton, who had just demonstrated to TV news cameras his ability to plug himself into a wall socket and survive. Walton did this for Jerry on the air in his previous visit at Eureka Springs. In this interview, Walton insists he is not a human, but rather a half alien due to the abduction of his mother MOON STRUCTURES AND LIFE!!

Friendly Aliens Message Link to real UFOs






November 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDon Ray Walton

God damn, all that information was totally unneccesary.This is a page for posting about experiences with orange orbs, not to rant on about religous cosmic history.

June 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEntity

I'm not sure what just happened. Last night I was tossing and turning, trying to sleep. Finally after some time I fell asleep only to wake up in an instant. I groaned "Crap, I just fell asleep." I looked around and a light spread across the room. Insid my room by the window was a baseball sized dark red orb of light. The images outside the window were distorted behind it.The curtains were blowing around in slow motion. My cat was staring at it, her ear twitching in it's direction in slow motion. It said my name in a deep but caring voice. KANE. above it, outside the window wasthe sun eclipsing a band of stars. Then I fell asleep as the red orb hummed. My dream showed airplanes crashing, burning buildings, mountains erupting, dead crops and starving people.
Another part of my dream was me walking to my bedroom window and seeing the weeds burning, the many distant trees wree on fire, and the barn visible from my room to was set aflame. smoke clouded the air and choked me. I could feel the pain of everyone on Earth dying. In one part of the dream, a plane crashed and a propeller flew off cutting a man in half. As it did I felt a tremendous pain in my midsection.Then the orb appeared within the dream world and said EQUINOX before disappearing.
But remember when i saw it before the dream I was awake, and it spoke to me. I am amazed that something of that significance was only 3 feet away from me.

January 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKane

Three of us saw two low flying, silent big orange orbs. We were driving north from San Jose, CA on the 680 at 10:30pm. They had approached fast then slowed and hovered just above us, then they proceeded south instantly. I looked way high and saw a third one that kept them in triangle formation. They accelerated again and vanished. They maintained their intense molten brightness even as they traveled far south of us. A week later I remembered seeing these in the eastern sky above my Sacramento hom on several occasions. I had forgotten because I had disregarded them, assuming they were illuminated weather balloons or some such mundane object. Wrong. Since last week's siting, I have had daily intense sensory awareness and had experiences where I thought of a person I hadn't seen in a long time and then within one to twelve hours they just showed up out of the blue wherever I was!!!!

May 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSana Christian

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