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What If...

What if a prevailing societal leadership, rupturing society's fidelity and sodomizing the public ethic like a collection of psychopathic serial criminals, was able to jail or institutionalize its lawful and law abiding citizenry anytime the mood struck them or it was deemed necessary to protect evil interests wholly criminal in word, thought, and deed?  What if that conjectured citizen, snatched up and incarcerated, was left to rot in gulag for 16 years, bereft of all fairness, due process, and hope?  What if that abridged, abused, and aggrieved citizen, and provoked by his outraged fellows, was getting a fresh look at his travail, and a court date loomed in the near future which might very well show the aforementioned criminal society's lack of verity, probable cause, and abundance of rank criminality?  What if that looming court appearance rattled the criminal society alluded to and caused that society to abuse, harass, or even torture our innocent citizen into providing an excuse to keep him incarcerated?  What if the crimes committed against our innocent citizen were such an egregious violation of our citizen's civil rights that a subsequent civil suit would cost the criminal society many millions of dollars?  What if, good reader, the foregone conclusion of that suit provided for the murder of our innocent citizen?

Restore John Ford...

Posted on 01.12.2013 by Registered CommenterAlfred Lehmberg | Comments1 Comment

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What if it were all true... that a little man lawfully investigating a government official, read: "big" man, could be hull-breached so far below the waterline, made to suffer injurious bastards, and with his life hanging hanging by a thread... ...he being confined so entirely in their sway! These are not the Mafia or Russian syndicate; these are town and county FATHERS! This betrayal is profounddecidedlynot expected! What if it were true... ...and it was you?

January 12, 2013 | Registered CommenterAlfred Lehmberg

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