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"Fringe Radio Show" 


"Fringe Radio Show" 

KTKK AM 630 Utah 

with Pat and Carol Schouten


Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 

2-4 am Eastern Time

1-3 am Central Time 

 12-2 am Mountain Time

11-1 am Pacific Time


Join the campfire with Frank Feschino, Jr. and Stanton T. Friedman as they are interviewed by hosts Pat and Carol Schouten on K-Talk radio, the third oldest talk radio station in the United States. Frank will be talking about UpDates in his 20-year "Flatwoods Monster" investigation and his recently released 2013 Very significantly  E.X.P.A.N.D.E.D  book:

The Braxton County Monster-REVISED & EXPANDED EDITION-The Cover-up of the Flatwods Monster Revealed.

Stanton Friedman adds commentary and insight as, together, they further ring this thing out!

What everyone needs to remember while they listen is that this event and sister events occurred at the end of the biggest UFO flap in United States UFO history and on the heels of freshly minted orders to the military to shoot those UFOs down... significant to note?

What discredited Florida Case is newly credited?  What were the consequences of a secret air war with ET? What happens when you are struck by 7 pounds of  point detonating high explosive traveling at almost twice the speed of sound?

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