Science is wondrous! It gives us ourselves! Its gift's a release from our "devils" and "hells."  It's turned us to *gods*—though a lower case "g"—and it's gone a long way for the "brave" and the "free." It's made us efficient, extended our reach, expanded our grasp... all in all? It's a peach!

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Innocence Is Innocence... 


As if they were the victims of a coercive telepath, people I respect want to give Dr. David Jacobs a by and treat Ms "Emma Woods" as an obsessive nut-ball or shrill harridan grasping for attention and smearing the good Doctor's name... and by extension the memory of the even more revered Budd Hopkins.


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Feschino Releases Unheard Testimony 

Feschino Releases Unheard Testimony of 
"Flatwoods Monster" Witness Kathleen May 

Well, fellow Feschino freaks! Just when you thought you had heard everything about the "Flatwoods Monster" incident, the authority on the case, one Frank Feschino, Jr. releases some never before heard, first-hand testimony of primary witness (the late) Kathleen May.  Here's some stuff to put a decided wave in your short and curlies! 

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It's Not Slander When It's The Truth!

Sean Meers, in my considered opinion, an uncritical fluffer of disgraced UFO researcher Dr. David Jacobs (above), a fatuous Linda Cortile supporter, and finally a slavish adherent of the _thoroughly_ discredited work of the late Budd Hopkins, has reached out, once again, to harass and censor "Emma Woods," the abused research subject of Dr. Jacobs.  Meers has done this before...
"Emma Woods," not her real name, had called Jacobs to account, you'll remember, for questionable behaviors including, one, interest in her soiled undergarments, two, wearing medieval chastity devises, and three, hypnotically suggesting to her that she was dangerously insane and requiring psychotropic drugs.  Dr. Jacobs is a history teacher and a UFO/abduction dilettante.  One might immediately see the cognitive disconnect...
Fact: Meers has just lately complained to Woods' ISP that Woods' website, a vast collection of vetted audio files detailing the abuses she has suffered at the hands of Jacobs, was slandering and defaming same and should be taken down.  One is reminded of pots and kettles.
See, nothing could be further from the truth... Jacobs' revolting abuses of Woods are extant, clear, detailed, and obvious. Woods' ISP did exactly that; however, without any discussion or proof, unplugged Woods' site, leaving Woods without any self-defending voice at all.  See, Jacobs has even so much as been on national radio vis a vis Coast To Coast defaming and slandering Woods!  Where's HER voice?
Moreover, in my opinion, where is it written that an idly uncritical and doting fanboy of a seeming MONSTER, like our lovely Mr. Meers, can reach out without so much as a "by your leave," and censor a woman who has been horrendously, even sexually, abused by another he inexplicably supports.  Was it at the behest of Dr. Jacobs?  One can only guess... but it is wrong, in my opinion.  Wrong.  WRONG!
On the site below Jack Brewer writes authoritatively about Woods and Jacobs.  Spin up on the UFO story of the decade, reader, separate ufological wheat from spin-doctor chaff... and think kindly of Ms Woods.  It's _my_ considered read that she's the victim in this affair... not the smirking Dr. Jacobs.
OR: http://tinyurl.com/qynmasu  (for your convenience).
Additionally, search THIS site for "jacobs woods" minus the quotes for more than you presently know about David Jacobs and Emma Woods.  Let's do right by Emma, eh?  She's certainly been done wrong heretofore!  
The preceding is my opinon provoked as matter of my own research.  Read on!


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Bee-doh! Bee-doh! Bee-doh!

For more information, click on the image or go to http://www.futuretheater.com/front/minion-faq.html.Hello!

This site has been a wonderful resource for several years now, thanks to the efforts of Lesley Gunter, Alfred Lehmberg, Regan Lee ... any everyone who has read or commented here. As one of our commenters said just today, this site is a great historical repository of the turbulent journey we've all been on together.

As you may have heard, we have been asked to remove any mention of "UFO Magazine" from our work and our sites. The corporation that owns the trademark has decided -- without any discussion or give-and-take or work-arounds or anything like that -- that publishing digitally is not publishing at all, at least when it comes to UFO reporting.

We have no recourse or choice, therefore. This site will be renamed and perhaps archived or moth-balled, or whatever it is we're supposed to do to conform to the corporation's wishes. I will either change the logo, remove the logo, or ... actually, I don't know what I'm going to do, to tell you the truth.

I will start a new blog here on Squarespace as the new home of the New New Project that I will announce soon. Links will be here, there, and everywhere and I hope you'll join us as we continue our journey under a new name. Which I will announce soon, maybe even on Future Theater tonight at 7 pm EST.

I don't know what the next step for the corporation will be, so I don't know what our next step is going to be, but I am planning for the worst. If you are a subscriber, you have four options:

1. Write to the corporation:

UFO Inc.

5455 Centinela Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90066

2. Wait to see who buys the license to use the name and logo "UFO Magazine" and make sure they know you are a current subscriber, with issues left on your subscription.

3. Go to the Minions Faq and cut-and-paste the subscriber's form and email it to me. Let us know the name on the subscription and I will sign you up for the new magazine, which will be mostly -- but not all -- digital, and will double your existing issues.

4. It's around here somewhere -- there is a fourth option. I'll fill it in when I find it again.

Meanwhile, discuss below, as I know you will. I really really think things will be brighter and better and even more interesting as we expand our horizons from just-UFOs to much much more than UFOs. 


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