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The Owl Theory


I was the guest  recently on the Strange Frequencies program. Which is a fairly skeptical show; the hosts, Jason Korbus and Bobby Nelson are fair minded skeptics. But it went well and I had a good time. Doing interviews is weird; you don't say what you think or assume you were going to say, you don't have time to get to what you want to address, questions are asked by the hosts that lead you off into a direction you hadn't intended to dwell on, and at the end, you realize you didn't make your point, or could have said a lot more about this or that. Of course, I haven't had "media training" some buzz word I've heard others refer to, so what do I know. All this rambling leads to the Mothman Owl Theory. On the program, the hosts talked about Mothman and skeptic/debunker Joe Nickell, and Nickell's  "owl theory." The idea, as many skeptics believe, that Mothman was just a big owl. (Joe Nickell, always disingenuously promoting himself as a "paranormal investigator," has offered owls as the answer to not only the Mothman phenomena, but the Braxton "monster," and the Kentucky entities.)

At one point we discussed memory; how elusive memory can be and tricks our minds play, Linda Scarberry, and... owls. What I wanted to get at was a broader context, not simply if Scarberry (as if she was the only witness) added details through the years.

Mothman didn't happen to just one person. Dozens of witnesses have seen Mothman. Mothman sightings continue. During the "Mothman flap" several anomalous events occurred: UFO sightings included, strange electrical phenomena, telepathic communications among them. The whole area seems to be haunted and a focal point for weird events. The military has had a presence in that area. Researchers, like Andy Colvin (himself a witness) have delved deeply into these connections. So we have a context of much more than one person seeing an owl late at night.

Stanton Friedman had this to say about the Braxton County Monster and the owl theory:

"A six-foot owl that puts out a noxious vapor, has never been reported before or since, and certainly sounds like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole...especially when here was no report of moving wings. ~ Stanton Friedman, on Braxton County Monster-REVISED EDITION" 2012. (See also Super Soylent... But Not Very Salient! by Alfred Lehmberg.)

While both cases (Mothman and Braxton) are obviously very different, the same theory is applied to both. Both do contain a covert human element, namely, the military.

My personal theory is that, in the case of Mothman, manipulations of non-human energies by humans (military, shadow groups, etc.) account for some of the Mothman phenomena. I think it goes far beyond that however; Mothman being an actual non-human and unknown (not known animal)entity of some type.

The Braxton "monster" too, seems to be of possible military or para-military origin, and I'll entertain the ET theory as well. Both are more logical than the "owl theory."

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Alien Abductions: I Just Want to Say . . . 

The Nightmare, Henry Fuseli, 1781


I've been posting a lot lately about alien abductions and my perspectives on the phenomena that after all these years has yet to be solved. Of course, I doubt very much it ever will be solved. But obsession with the process is too enchanting to ignore.

I think mind control from human entities have a great deal to do with what we've agreed to call "alien abductions." MILABS. Social engineering, deep, dark, very black shadow government projects. Rogue elements within not only government, but the so-called "private sector" world of corporate-industrial America. Those two camps: the private sector and the government, are not terribly distinct. They are greedy bed fellows for sure. So all this and much more, including mystical, paranormal and psychological aspects, are a part of the alien abduction phenomena.

But I just want to say, that, while I think the cause of alien abductions are literal aliens literally abducting humans is the least likely, I don't think it's impossible. Who the hell knows what it is? Unfortunately, it's not only time we're dealing with in terms of decades of an unanswered mystery, but sordid episodes within Ufology. Professor David Jacobs treatment of Emma Woods, the shady and uneasy reputation of hypnosis in general, UFO researchers who've led witnesses down their own agenda strewn paths; all have contributed to the tangle called the "alien abduction mystery."

I am convinced there are non-human entities about, on a variety of planes, including extraterrestrials. Accepting there is ET doesn't negate other ideas. It doesn't make these ideas separate from each other: ET here, mind control there. There are many manipulators and co-creators.

In some abductions, witnesses report going through solid walls, or being pulled from their bodies. (the latter something I've experienced.) This is sometimes used to discount ET, and puts the abduction experience in the "mind." Maybe it's both.

Meanwhile, no matter what it turns out to be, for the witnesses that's experienced alien abductions, they're going through hell. It's real to them.  We have to figure out why. Which includes the possibility it is literally as they say. If it isn't, one question that seems obvious is: why do the abductions seem so real?

I don't know what abductions are, but a couple of things I'm sure of. One, abductions aren't just one thing; they contain elements of many types of phenomena. And secondly, there is the possibility that literal aliens from space (or elsewhere, and those we call "aliens" are using the space motif to distract us)  is still a possibility.

Because I refuse to say I'm an abductee myself doesn't mean I discount the stories of those who insist they are. I just want to say...

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Respone to Jack Brewer's Persistence on Leah Haley and Mind Control

Jack Brewer at The UFO Trail does it again: The UFO Trail: The Leah Haley Case: The Pink Elephant and a Sample of Comments

At the very least, we should give serious consideration to the extent the intelligence community manipulated public perception while authoring UFO and abduction lore. Intelligence interests have been well documented and demonstrated in circumstances such as the Maury Island fiasco and the supposed contactees of the 1950's.


However, as long as we largely refuse to regularly address the Big Brother pink elephant in the room of ufology, truth and objectivity will continue to suffer. This reaches far beyond Leah Haley or any other given case.


Brewer shares some of the comments (including some of my own) left at his blog on his posts about Leah Haley and the possible involvement of government mind control programs. Some readers, like myself, find Brewer's writings on this subject a good thing, while others are downright hostile.


As I've said before, I don't know if Leah Haley is right. But I think there's a lot -- a lot -- there, in terms of government involvement of abduction events.


Gloira Lee (aka Lee-Bryd)

I've said this in the past about the contactees. I'm not the only one of course; but even now, the idea that the contactees were heavily manipulated by humans, and not aliens (so much) isn't considered enough, in my view. Nor is the historical context followed. What I mean is, if it started with the contactees, the manipulations continued and morphed into the "alien abduction" scenario. I hinted at this a bit in my introduction to Tim Beckley's recent reprint of contactee Gloria Lee's book Why We Are Here. (I believe Lee did tap into something supernatural but was tragically manipulated by human forces as well.)


At the same time, all this covert government activity surrounding aliens and human contact doesn't negate the reality of literal aliens. Or, what we call aliens.


Jacque Vallee wrote of hidden human manipulators in his books, Messengers of Deception the classic, but today, it seems this idea is ignored, or even, as Jack Brewer points out, met with downright hostility. Nick Redfern has addressed similar ideas of human elements deep within the government as cause for, or in partnership with non-human entities in his book Final Events. And interpretations of secret experiments as UFO related, such as Roswell, in his Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story It's a thin line to walk, to consider the reality of government intentionally creating (or co-creating) alien, UFO events in secret, to believing there are underground bases containing vats full of human body parts stirred by aliens as uniformed soldiers stand by.


I keep going back to the news decades ago of Satanic abuses. The media was full of stories of individuals who insisted they had, upon regressions, recovered memories of horrific abuses, all within a Satanic setting. Animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, sexual and physical abuse of children and adults, devotion to Satan, these memories were buried until they erupted under regression. Then those tales faded away, and we began hearing more and more of alien abductions. Time lines overlap; the 1961 Barney and Betty Hill case is considered the "first" alien abduction and predates the Satanic abuse events, as do the earlier contactee encounters.  But I've often wondered if the controllers were experimenting with different themes to deliver their experiments. Satanic rituals here, alien abductions there. Maybe that's ridiculous, maybe not. Maybe there's some truth there, maybe not. As I've said, it's possible a cover was needed so different settings were auditioned. It's possible they decided the alien thing worked for a long list of reasons, including the hide in plain sight idea. In other words, if there really are aliens, (and I think there are) why not further employ disinfo by using the very thing so many -- including the government responsible for these distractions -- deny exist?


I have to add, that for those who've experienced these things, they are very real. They are real. (I'll refer to my own missing time experiences: whatever, whoever, caused those missing time episodes in my life, the fact remains: my memory was fucked with, and it wasn't by me. That's real. That's wrong, whether aliens did it or humans.) Because there might be the possibility these events were manipulated by humans, or even completely created by humans (which I doubt), that is no doing of the experiencer. We have to remain absolutely sensitive to, and respectful of, the witnesses. We have to really listen to their stories, and not just wait for places where we can insert our own ideas of how things are.

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Entering the Orb: Easily Startled

Of all the places I've lived in in this town, (Eugene, Oregon) my mind returns to the house where we saw the orange orb the most. Now, right away there's a bump in this road, because I remember seeing the orb when we lived in this house -- the one on Lorane highway. Jim however, he remembers things very differently. For one thing, he insists, to this day, that we saw the orb a year earlier, while living in an apartment in the university district. (of course, however, I'm right!)

One of the things I remember is when my "easily startled" response began. I was, and still am, very jumpy. If someone's presence surprises me, or I feel in any way that someone has snuck up on me, I'll jump and scream. Jim often comments: "I'm the only other person in the place, who did you think was here?!" This behavior wasn't something I always had.

I remember when I first started exhibiting this reaction. Living in the house on Lorane highway. We had turned one of the large closets into a little study kind of area for myself. A desk, chair, lamp, small bookcase. Cozy and a little place to write and work. I remember Jim coming up behind (for my back was turned to the closet opening, the chair facing the wall) and I almost had a heart attack.

This could be due to anything of course. But I never was that way, and then, abruptly, developed a nervous reaction to anyone sneaking up on me. (Or, being perceived as such.) For whatever reason, I've been wondering lately if this reaction has anything to do with the missing time episodes and the orange orb sighting. Of course, it could also be nothing at all. Unless we go through some type of regression, I might never know for certain.


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Entering the Orb: A Startling Realization

After seeing the orange orb that night in Oregon, the one that seemed to just abruptly be there, waiting for us, it seemed, and then following us home, the orb stopped right above the rooftop of a house kitty corner from ours, stayed there a moment, then dropped down behind the house, into their backyard. We went inside.

Excited, and literally feeling "buzzy" (I feeling I get when in the presence of ghosts/spirits and telepathic communications) I almost ran to the front door. My hand touched the doorknob. I remember that. I remember saying to Jim I was going to go outside and look for it. I wanted to. 

Jim, meanwhile, seemed almost completely uninterested; not curious at all. In fact, to this day we argue over, not only the time line, but the place. He recalls this as happening a year earlier when we lived in an apartment by the university.

But something stopped me from going outside. At the time, I told myself it was because it seemed I couldn't very well just go walking around someone's backyard. True. But I could have walked across the road, up the hill a little ways, and at least take a look around and see if I could see something. After all, this was a huge round orange object, glowing in the night...hard to miss. Maybe I could hear something, or smell something or... well, something. 

Yet there I stood, at the door inside our living room, and just couldn't make myself open that door. As excited and curious as I was, I just couldn't open that door. So I turned back and stayed inside.

All these years, I assumed I didn't go outside for a few reasons: the afore mentioned creeping neighbor scenario, some nervousness around the whole strange experience, etc.

Last night I was thinking about my Entering the Orb project; how Jim and I, so busy lately with "real life" stuff, haven't spent any time on this. Just laying in bed, thinking about this, and then I had a sudden "mind post card" memory of that one event of me standing at the door.  I had the sudden realization that, maybe it wasn't me that stopped me from going outside, but it. Maybe the orb stopped me. For whatever reason, it, or the intelligences controlling it, were following me to see what I would do. And maybe it, or they, were making sure I wasn't gong to do something they didn't want me to do. 

That had never occurred to me in all these years. I always assumed it was my own fears, anxieties and justifications that kept me from going outside that night. But it's possible I was stopped, intentionally, by the orb, it's occupants or controllers (or maybe it's all one and the same) and not because of my doing, but theirs.

 A disturbing thought; one that follows the darker side of UFO encounters, for example, the missing time, the nightmares of paralyzing white beams of light that we experienced. It falls into a chilling context: the orb seemed to be waiting for us, it followed us home, made sure we went where we were "supposed" to go (inside) and hung around to make sure we stayed there. Why would it stop me from going outside? Was it finished with me, us? Was it up to no good at the house across the highway? 

As uneasy as this could make me (and I suppose it does on some level) it's also an intriguing angle, and therefore, hopeful.



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